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Medvode – Feb 21, 2023 – Donit is the largest single-site producer of non-asbestos gasket material sheets and supplier of industrial static gaskets, backed by several years of accumulated experience and knowledge in application engineering. With its headquarters in Medvode, Slovenia, Donit even has subsidiaries in Germany, China and USA. The company is completely dedicated to its customers in all the industrial sectors in need of custom and standard gaskets that showcase superior quality workmanship.

With its unravelling industry expertise, Donit offers a diversified product portfolio servicing globally to more than 500 customers. The company’s main thrust is on gasket sheets, doniflex sheets, tesnit sheets, grafilit sheets, micalit sheets and doniflon sheets. Along with this, Donit also deals in a complete range of semi-metallic gaskets, soft flat gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets, PTFE-enveloped gaskets, metal gaskets and machined products. The gasket sheets and static gaskets manufactured at https://donit.eu/ offer improved seal potential, product quality, safety and technical expertise that minimizes assignment risks and down time losses.

Donit, with its cost-effectiveness and proven performance caters to the requirements of diverse industries, like water, gas & food supply and shipbuilding, chemical and power plants. The company deals in approved and certified products that come with quality assurance and are manufactured following the best international quality standards. It operates on the policy of ensuring consistent quality management system while respecting people and the environment at the same time.

Key people at Donit, like Peter Uebelmesser, the Director of Product, Portfolio Management and Marjana Novak, the CEO & Managing Director at Donit, say, “We can supply our clients with all their sealing product requirements. We manufacture and supply different varieties of gaskets in worldwide locations. We have the best quality with proper certification and approval and all our products can safely be used for industrial purposes. One thing that we can assure about our gaskets is that they work even in the strictest conditions. And we can say this confidently because all our gaskets are produced using cutting-edge technology and superior quality materials.”

Static gaskets available at Donit are widely used in static applications to prevent leakage by sealing flanges, joints and other types of mating surfaces. The gaskets from Donit enable different machine parts to have less-than-perfect mating surfaces. Gaskets from the company can also be used for filling irregularities and to improve scalability in high-pressure flanges and applications with a huge differential temperature range. The company is able to manufacture and supply different varieties of static gaskets and other machined products because of the proper segregation of departments that maintain varied requirements. These include departments like Sales, IT, Maintenance, Purchase, Gasket Sheet Production, Finance & Accounting, Research & development, HRM, Business Unit Gaskets and Application Engineering.

Donit is also into environment protection and care which shows in its use of environment-friendly materials that are asbestos-free and EU ecolabel. Not only this, the company also invests in energy-saving technologies and makes the best efforts for waste reduction, recycling and sorting.

Donit is also into constant innovation with its state-of-the-art and well-equipped laboratory and multidisciplinary R&D teams that collaborate with external partners to optimize gaskets and sealing materials that meet the most challenging requirements of the industry. The excellence of the company has built on its ability to offer the most effective applied engineering, designing and manufacturing solutions to its valued customers.

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