What skills need to be mastered in the application of CNC drill machines in Russia?

When clamping the CNC drilling machine workpiece, it should be clamped firmly to prevent the workpiece from flying out and causing an accident. After the clamping is completed, pay attention to take out the chuck wrench and other adjustment tools, so as to avoid the accident caused by the spindle rotation. After the machine tool is powered on, first perform the mechanical zero return operation, and then test run for 5 minutes. After confirming that the machinery, tools, fixtures, workpieces, and CNC parameters are correct, normal work can be started.

The CNC mill and drill machine spindle or turret tool magazine tool installation operation must be carried out with the mechanical movement stopped, and attention should be paid to the cooperation with the cooperating personnel to avoid accidents. When changing the tool manually or automatically, pay attention to the installation position of the turret, the tool magazine, the rotation of the mechanical arm and the tool, and keep the body and head away from the rotating part of the tool to avoid bumps. For machining center machine tools, attention should also be paid to checking the corresponding relationship between the tool pocket number and the tool number in the tool magazine to prevent tool change interference or tool collision accidents caused by confusion in the tool magazine tool number.

Carefully check whether the CNC drill mill machine inspection program compilation, parameter setting, action sequence, tool interference, workpiece clamping, switch protection and other links are completely correct, so as to avoid accidents and damage to tools and related components during cyclic processing. Strictly follow the operation procedure to carry out trial cutting and tool setting, and do a good job of program protection after debugging.。

In our application of CNC drilling and milling machine, it is very important to follow these points, which can enable us to better use CNC drill machine.

in the application of CNC drilling machines.

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