The market potential of aluminum packaging bottles in the wine industry

In recent years, with the continuous enrichment of specifications and shapes of aluminum packaging bottles, the application field is expanding day by day. The beer industry is undoubtedly the main battlefield where aluminum bottles should be heavily concentrated, although glass bottles are currently the mainstream packaging in this market.

Sunshine, oxygen and temperature are the three major factors affecting the quality of beer. Although the chemical properties of glass are stable and will not react with beer, the light-blocking property is poor. The lighter the color of the bottle, the worse the light-blocking property will be. “Photochemical reaction” occurs, which affects the taste of beer. With the general advantages of metal packaging, aluminum beer bottles can effectively isolate light; at the same time, aluminum bottle beer is cooled faster, making the taste of beer cooler and more aromatic. In addition, the packaging is noble and elegant, and the material can be recycled. Therefore, it is widely used in the market. There have been a lot of beer packaged in aluminum bottles on the market.

Another important significance of using aluminum bottle packaging is to promote sustainable development of the environment. On the one hand, the carbon footprint of glass bottles is much larger than that of aluminum beverage bottles, and the production of aluminum bottles emits 20% less greenhouse gases than glass bottles. On the other hand, the recycling rate of aluminum bottles is very high, almost 100%, while that of glass bottles is less than 30%. Therefore, in terms of environmental sustainability, aluminum bottles have an absolute advantage over glass bottles. As a more environmentally friendly alternative packaging, aluminum bottles are expected to gain huge development potential in the liquor market with unlimited business opportunities.

In addition, aluminum aerosol cans with the same origin as IE aluminum bottle manufacturing technology are suitable for medicine, household care products (foreign body wrinkle removal cleaning spray, clothing antibacterial spray, toilet spray, etc.), cosmetics, especially personal care products (Packaging for spray masks, spray bandages, spray nourishing foam body wash, vitamin anti-oxidant facial mist, etc.)

Manufacturing and application innovation of aluminum bottles can be said to complement each other. Manufacturing technology innovation is the basis of application innovation, and application innovation can bring pioneering thinking to manufacturing innovation. As a high-end packaging form that combines the advantages of PET/glass bottles and metal packaging, it is foreseeable that both IE and DWI aluminum bottles will show their talents in the main battlefields such as beer in the future, and at the same time in potential markets such as soft drinks, liquor and water The application prospect is also worth looking forward to.

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