Tech Startup Exvin Explains Why Expanding Access to Innovation is Key to Tech and Business Advancement

Jose Jesus Briceno explains why everyone should work to make innovation open for all.

Organizations are always looking for ways to move forward and expand. While technology opens new growth opportunities for them, innovations help organizations get to where they want to be. As such, many investors and businesses are obsessed with accessing the most disruptive innovations available, such as artificial intelligence (AI). While many believe that these companies invest in data specialists and developers to help with using AI, it is quite the opposite.

For this, Vibin Group (Exvin) chief executive officer and co-founder Jose Jesus Briceno shares why it is crucial to democratize access to innovation. His brand, Exvin, represents the new period–the digital era–where innovative solutions and trends develop at a pace no one has ever seen before. The brand focuses on technology and innovations that positively impact people’s lives and shape their futures.

Briceno believes that although many companies have access to the best innovative solutions that technology can bring, like software and AI-powered systems or programs, not everyone can maximize their benefits. For the Exvin CEO, while many AI tools offer impressive improvements in the way of life, they were created to perform specific functions only. Although the quality of their performance may be similar to the human expert level, they still lack what human intelligence can provide.

That is why the democratization of access to innovations is very crucial. If only everyone–a tech person or not–could create and design their software at affordable prices, the transformation in technology and innovation could be limitless.

Imagine the results when AI-powered programs are integrated with human intelligence and creativity. If a simple AI system can already drive emerging technologies, what more can human-AI collaboration do?

Achieving this feat offers powerful advancements. But to do so can be quite difficult. According to Briceno, organizations need to focus on and invest in incorporating human feedback into their AI models to arrive at a more functional and beneficial result. “The challenge to advance will be Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), which is what we focus on doing right now,” he said.

RLHF is aligning AI models with human feedback to achieve its goals and ensure humans can benefit from it. The most recent and successful use of RLHF is in ChatGPT, an OpenAI language model for dialogue that interacts conversationally.

The Exvin co-founder aims to create good opinions about learning and does not seek to invalidate errors in the existing systems and programs. For him, it is not what AI can and cannot do, but the situation indicates there may be an issue with the training of the systems and programs.

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Exvin (Vibin Group) is a startup company that focuses on shaping the future of man’s intimate care through new technologies that help them be more happy and healthy. Its CEO and co-founder Jose Jesus Briceno is a founder and investor who is passionate about deep-tech innovations that positively impact people’s lives.

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