Phoenix Transmission Repair by Pro-Tech Transmissions for All Types of Transmissions and All Brands Backed by the Strongest Warranty in Arizona

At Pro-Tech Transmissions, car owners are assured of quality transmission repair, differential repair, and transfer case repair. Its three-year or 36,000-mile warranty is not matched by other transmission service providers in Arizona and is proof of the excellence of its rebuilds, repairs, and services.

According to announcements released by Pro-Tech Transmissions and Bibi Razack, the Phoenix transmission repair services by this business are provided by expert mechanics who can have a customer’s vehicle up and running again within a maximum turnaround time of two days. 

Automobile transmission repairs by this business include gearbox repairs, gear selection repairs, transmission fluid replacements, clutch repairs, and drivetrain repairs. It can also build custom transmissions and rebuild entire transmission systems.

Pro-Tech Transmissions offers a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty — something that other transmission service providers in Arizona cannot match. Its technicians can repair all transmissions, such as 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, standards/manuals, and automatics. Customers receive free towing and diagnostics on all major repairs, including transfer cases. 

Pro-Tech Transmissions has the experience, expertise, and customer service car owners expect from a trustworthy automobile service center. Customers have the option of availing of transmission repair financing upon approval. 

The highly trained mechanics at Pro-Tech Transmissions are equipped to rebuild transfer cases with precision and expertise. The process begins with draining the transfer case fluid and thoroughly assessing the case to identify potential issues. After refilling or replacing the fluid, the mechanics can repair or recommend a replacement.

4WD owners who experience any common symptoms of a failing transfer case, such as shifting in and out of the four-wheel drive, grinding noises, gears that don’t shift easily, and fluid leaks, should schedule a visit to Pro-Tech Transmissions right away. Ignoring these symptoms can quickly lead to a transfer case and transmission failure, which is significantly costlier to repair or replace than taking care of the issue earlier.

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Bibi Razack of Pro-Tech Transmissions said, “We also offer a free diagnostic test on your vehicle. We need to know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and the area we need to focus on before we begin working on your vehicle. We don’t consider this part of the “job,” which is why it is free to you. 

It’s like a building contractor that comes to your house and surveys your sandstorm-damaged rooftop to determine precisely where he needs to repair it and how much time it should take, and how much the labor will cost you. Has he fixed anything or even lifted a hammer to repair the problem? Of course, he hasn’t. 

He’s simply providing you with an estimate. This is a necessary start, but the work has yet to commence. We are in the same boat as you. We don’t want to pay the contractor to “look” at the problem. We want to pay him to fix the problem, so we would never charge anyone to take a snapshot of the problem with your vehicle. Free looks, always.

Our work directly reflects who we are, and we want that image to shine brighter than any other would-be competitor. That may be a challenge, but we are up to the task. We love a good challenge! And, when the work is complete, it will speak for itself.”

About the Company:

Pro-Tech Transmissions of Phoenix, Arizona, is a family-owned business comprised of automobile transmission experts and specialists. With a wealth of experience in the field, the team can provide a customer-centric solution to any differential or transmission issue.

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