How To Measure Downlights And What Does It Mean?

LED Downlight is the most common lighting solution for retail stores, supermarkets, and other commercial buildings. Englumia will ensure you select a fitting solution to meet your requirements.  


Led Downlight Suitable For Supermarket 

A supermarket is a place where you can buy food, household items, and other products. It’s quite common to find a supermarket in every neighborhood or town. In the past, supermarkets were only available in big cities but now they are also available in small towns and villages.

Choosing the right LED downlight for your supermarket can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to take into account – from the led downlight size of the room and the number of bulbs you need, to how much light you want to create inside your store. But don’t worry – Englumia has got you covered. Here is a detailed guide to choosing the right LED downlight for your supermarket.

How Do You Measure A Downlight? 

Downlights are a great way to add light to a room. But how do you know which one is best for you? There are many different sizes and styles, so it’s important to understand what you need before choosing the right product.

Here are some of the most common downlight measurements:

Width: The width of a downlight refers to its diameter. You can find these measurements in inches or millimeters. Most residential downlights have a width of between 2 and 4 inches, while commercial downlights can be as large as 6 inches.

Height: The height of a downlight refers to how deep it is from front to back. This measurement is typically given in inches or millimeters. Residential downlights tend to have heights between 3 and 6 inches, while commercial ones can be up to 12 inches tall.

Depth: The depth of a downlight refers to how far it sticks out from the wall when installed correctly. This measurement is usually given in millimeters or inches, depending on where you look. Most residential downlights have depths between 1 and 2 inches, while commercial ones may reach 4 inches deep or more!

How To Choose The Right LED Downlight?

LED Downlight such as Tokio Series 30W LED Downlight Fixture is widely used in commercial and residential projects such as hotels, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and other places where lighting is needed. It can be widely used as a downlight or retrofit light fixture replacement for existing incandescent fixtures.

How to choose the right LED downlight? It’s important that you know how to choose the best LED downlight for your project. There are many things to consider when choosing the right one such as the power, size, and shape of the lamp. If you have not done this before, you may find it hard to make a decision at first. But don’t worry! Englumia is here to help!

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