The Academic Who Turned Into A Sought-After User-Generated Content Creator And Model

Dr. Melissa Newman, a university professor of management, is redefining the world of UGC, or user generated content creation. What started as an unexpected side hustle has now turned into a booming career, allowing Melissa to realize her dream of traveling the world. Her modeling work and content creation has led her to many lucrative opportunities – with Melissa having created over 1200 ads for various brands in 2022, and landing a spokesmodel position for a leading health brand. Melissa is now leveraging her career as an educator, and side hustle as a content creator, to launch an innovative new business – the first of its kind – to teach others to become UGC creators. This business is called UGC University.

Her uniquely creative eye and knack for curating high-quality content have made her one of the most sought-after UGC influencers today. After having created product photos and videos for brands large and small, garnering millions of views, and learning how to master the techniques of creating user generated content that has a huge impact, she recently announced that she is launching UGC University, where would-be UGC creators can access educational content to learn everything they need to start their own side hustle, or even full-time career, as a user generated content creator.

“So many people these days want to be an ‘influencer’”, says Melissa, “but UGC is different. UGC is about regular, everyday people creating content to share their enthusiasm about various products and services. Brands then take those photos and videos and share them on their own social media channels and in paid ads. The beauty of being a UGC creator is that you don’t have to have a huge personal social media following, it doesn’t require any special equipment beyond a basic smartphone, and anyone can do it.”

Melissa uses her technical expertise, creativity, and knowledge of marketing strategies to create compelling UGC campaigns that resonate with audiences on both an aesthetic and emotional level. Through collaborating with brands, she is able to help them grow their online presence, while providing valuable exposure opportunities for herself. Her UGC University passes that knowledge along to others who also aspire to become creators. With her meteoric rise as a model and UGC creator, and position as a university professor, Melissa is more than qualified to teach others to become successful creators themselves.

The influx of user-generated content within the digital space has opened up new opportunities for aspiring models and creators, like Melissa Newman, who are taking advantage of its potential reach. To learn more about UGC University or to register for classes, visit

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