Sam Benton Teaches How To Land Ideal Clients Via Email

By Following These Four Simple Steps

One of the main challenges for owners of B2B companies is having a constant stream of clients that are perfectly suited to their business.

And with all of the different marketing channels available now, it can soon become overwhelming as to where to start.

But, Sam Benton thinks it doesn’t have to be this way.

“The process of turning a stranger into a client really doesn’t have to be difficult” Sam says.

“Really, it can be boiled down to four simple steps”.

“First, make a list of who the businesses are that would make ideal clients”.

“Then, make a list of what job titles the people within those companies would have that would have the authority to purchase”.

“Next, find the email address of these people, LinkedIn comes in handy for this.”

“And finally send them an email saying you’d like to contact them every so often with helpful information on the topic of the industry”.

Seems like when that person is ready to buy, they’ll likely choose a company that they know and trust so this is a great place to start.

Sam makes it clear that overthinking the B2B marketing process usually ends badly, based on personal experience.

That’s why Sam set up Lead Mail, an online training that helps B2B owners create a consistent stream of ideal clients by using email.

Sam said: “With nothing more than a few simple emails targeted at the right people, companies can very efficiently and cost effectively have a steady inflow of ideal clients”.

“Lead Mail is the training that teaches exactly how to do this and automate the entire process to build an asset that isn’t dependent on human effort, something that B2B owners value because time is usually precious”, Sam added.

For more information about Lead Mail, go to and check out the free resource.

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