Buy a cell phone to choose LCD screen or OLED screen good?

Cell phone screen is an important configuration that we will look at when we buy a cell phone, a good cell phone must have a good screen, so as to see more comfortable, not so much damage to the eyes, and brush up more smoothly. Now our common cell phone screen is divided into three kinds, as follows.

1, LCD screen. 2, OLED screen. 3, IPS screen.

Which IPS screen can only be described as a sub-category of LCD screen, and is now rare. When we buy a cell phone, we usually make a choice between LCD screen and OLCD screen. What is the difference between these two screens? And how to choose, the following we will explore.

Which is better, the LCD screen or the OLCD screen of a cell phone?

First of all, we should understand that the LCD screen appeared earlier, that is to say, in the previous years are basically LCD screen, and slowly become OLCD screen, the more advanced technology will of course be more adapted to the development of the times.

Now the OLCD screen can be said to be more advanced, so in some aspects will be better.Its main advantages are reflected in these points.

1, OLCD screen plasticity is higherOLED screen can be made flexible, cell phone manufacturers can use this feature to achieve a high screen-to-body ratio, making the screen bigger and better, is also the standard screen for folding screen phones.

2, OLCD screen technology is more powerfulOLED screen, after all, more advanced, a variety of technologies are also more powerful than LCD screen, such as it can reduce the power consumption of the screen, and OLED is a self-lighting material, does not require a backlight plate, can make the viewing angle better, but also can be equipped with under-screen fingerprint technology, and all aspects of performance to be more outstanding, the visual experience is relatively much better.

3, accelerate the time to change the machine

This is mainly for cell phone manufacturers have an advantage, although the OLCD screen in all aspects of performance is very good, but compared to the LCD screen, life is shorter, may be used for two or three years will have problems, and manufacturers naturally do not want you to use a cell phone with more than five or six years, after all, is also to sell the phone to make money, if we do not change the phone, it is difficult to earn money, so the screen Shorter life for manufacturers is not a bad thing, to ensure the durability of the cell phone industry.

Summary.These several advantages a superposition, so that cell phone manufacturers choose to launch more OLCD screen phones, but so far, there are still a lot of LCD screen phones, and carry the LCD screen phones will be relatively cheaper.

So buy a cell phone in fact to buy OLCD screen better, of course, the price will be more expensive, followed by LCD screen, cheaper, and more durable, but the visual effects and other aspects will be worse, and finally the IPS screen, is generally carried in the low-end cell phone, is now basically eliminated.

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