For more than 20 years, One CoreDev IT has been helping global employers hire the best Filipino professionals for their companies.

One CoreDev IT is an Employer of Record (EOR) company in the Philippines that pairs international companies with Filipino developers, designers, project managers, and other back-office employees.

Hiring a Filipino workforce 

Compared to other options for outsourcing, the Philippines boasts a workforce with a higher level of education and competence. The Philippine government has made it more likely that its BPO market will grow by funding and supporting programs that teach technical skills to future BPO workers.

The Philippines is a preferred destination for outsourcing because of its broad exposure to Western culture, particularly American culture. The employees of Philippines-based BPOs speak English with fluency and have a neutral accent. To obtain the highest degree of professionalism and competence at an affordable price, the Philippines is a good option for businesses looking to establish a skilled team abroad.

One CoreDev IT’s EOR services 

One CoreDev IT is an Employer of Record (EOR) company in the Philippines that caters to international clients looking to hire the best Filipino professionals for their sectors or departments. The company boasts a solid foundation in boutique business process outsourcing (BPO) and a track record of success in servicing startup founders and medium- to large-sized enterprises ranging from operations, human resources, talent acquisition and recruitment, and client services. The company is committed to providing teams of professionals who can take on challenging projects and provide excellence above expectations.

One CoreDev IT assists businesses looking to expand to the Philippines in hiring their top people remotely. They take on all the hiring and legal processes for the client. They also handle all employment liability to ensure that the business complies with local laws.

They offer dedicated offshore teams to clients who want to get services from OutSystems-specific industries. They provide professionals for software development teams and custom development services with specialized tools for all management and employment-related initiatives. They also assist in hiring OutSystems developers and UI/UX designers from the Philippines.

One CoreDev IT also offers a team of effective and thoroughly screened professionals from the Philippines for back-office services and project management. With One CoreDev IT’s back-office services, clients can focus on growing their business and managing their workforce while One CoreDev IT’s team takes care of the rest.


One CoreDev IT is an Employer of Record company that has provided global clients with a dedicated team of Filipino professionals for their respective departments or sectors. One CoreDev IT provides Filipino professionals with OutSystems solutions, back-office services, and project management services. The Core Team’s proven, efficient, and effective processes help clients build and scale businesses in the Philippines. They assist companies exploring the Philippine talent pool for additional support towards expanding their reach to new customers.

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