Revolutionizing Sports Management: Marc Segarra, Co-Founder of ISL Agency

Unlike traditional sports management firms that tend to have a narrow focus, ISL excels with its holistic approach, providing a full 360-degree suite of services to the biggest names in the game.

From left to right; Alex Isern and Marc Segarra

With a reputation for excellence and a track record of success, ISL-Multi-faceted- Sports Management and Marketing agency led by Marc Segarra (Entrepreneur) and Alex Isern, continues to make strides toward conquering the sports world. Over the past decade, the two locals from Barcelona, now living in Miami, have managed to carve out a niche in North America’s crowded and prestigious sports industry by leveraging its work ethic, bold mentality, andunparalleled network. From Project Development to Travel Management, Mediation of Exhibition Soccer Games,Sponsorship Brokerage, and Talent Management, ISL has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for the most prestigious soccer brands in the world looking to break into the US market.

ISL’s trajectory has been nothing but remarkable. Since its inception in 2013, ISL has grown organically, generating nine figures in revenue across all its projects and clients. Their achievements began with developing and managing the grassroots soccer programs for FC Barcelona in North America in 2015. After working with several other powerful European brands, ISL soon established itself as the benchmark for developing international soccer grassroots programs in the US, with over 10,000 participants across all its youth programs (Camps, Academies, Tournaments, and Talent ID´s). In the coming years, ISL leveraged its existing foundation to build a leading sports travel agency for youth American soccer players traveling to Europe for sports tourism. The agency has partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Manchester City, Real Madrid, and FC Barcelona, to name a few. These partnerships have allowed ISL to offer unmatchedexperiences to its clients, making it the go-to agency for anyone looking to travel to Europe for soccer tourism.

Opening of the 50th´s Soccer Academy of FCB in Orlando. 

As a result of its success in helping international soccer brands grow in the biggest consumer market on earth, ISL’s started to take steps forwardin mediating exhibition games for international soccer clubs. The agency has organized games for some of the biggest teams in La Liga, MLS, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and other major leagues. The summer tour of FC Barcelona 2022 was a significant success, and ISL played a pivotal role in making it happen.In addition to this tour, ISL concluded the year by organizing more than 20 international matches globally, positioning ISL as the #1 agency on the field. 

In recent years, ISL has used its network to build a boutique Sponsorship and Endorsement department to help mediate commercial deals between American companies and global icons such as Busquets, Suarez, Marcelo, Dybala, Messi , and others. The agency’s work on the first initial agreements between Messi and Web 3.0 era exemplifies ISL’s unparalleled ability to provide access to companies seeking to invest in soccer. This latest achievement underscores ISL’s position as a leader in connecting the most notorious soccer brands globallyand the corporate and sports world in America, solidifying its reputation as a premier player in the sports marketing industry.

 ISL’s success in such a demanding and competitive sector is a testament to the resilience, hard work and dedication of its team and founders, Marc Segarra, and Alex Isern.The duo has become a referent in the space, cementing its position as the primary representative of international growth opportunities for soccer brands in the United States.  What is undeniable is that ISL will have an impotent role to play, with the World Cup 2026 looming around the corner.

Marc’s response onhow he sees ISL in the coming years, —ISL’s goal is to remain the primary gateway for soccer brands seeking to expand their business in the United States. However, our team will focus on positioning as the leading intermediary between American corporations seeking to enter the soccer world in preparation for the upcoming World Cup”.

Beneath the wave that ISL Agency has made in the soccer industry is the entrepreneur Marc Segarra, who plays a crucial role in driving the company’s growth and exploring new opportunities.

Marc Segarra’s creativity, international experience, and extensive network have played a pivotal role in ISL’s success. As the company’s co-founder, looking for the next big deal and hobnobbing with the titans of the industry, are at the top of his business agenda, and thus far, with the team they have built together with Alex Isern at ISL Agency, the company has edged closer to that goal to scale even further and play a relevant role in the soccer world stage.

With a humble spirit, passion for sports, and an array of big players across different industries, Marc Segarra’s vision of positioning ISL as the main bridge to connect soccer Europeans greatest to American soil has come to life and subsisted. A man who always stay humble no matter its triumphs,

Fluent in 6 languages, the native of Barcelona built up his character and effective management skills by playing soccer for over 25 years and studying in renowned international universities such as Pompeu Fabra, Bolonia, and Winthrop, where he conquered the NCAA Div 1 Big South Championship title.

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