This Photo Backup Device Has Sold Over 2 Million Units – See Why Customers Love It

Find out why millions of people are ditching the Cloud and other subscription services for ThePhotoStick® Omni

Most people don’t think about safeguarding their memories until they lose them, but in a digital era where tangible photos are a thing of the past, it’s important to make sure life’s precious memories are kept safe and secure.

While most use their phones for capturing memorable moments, the majority never bother backing up their data, and permanent loss of photos, videos, and other files has become a common occurrence.

Computers crash, phones are stolen, laptops are dropped and other misfortunes can happen at any moment, leaving users mourning the cherished files stored away on these devices.

Consumer electronics behemoth Prairie IT is well aware of these common occurrences. Founder and CEO Mark Oman developed the original line of ThePhotoStick® products after he once lost precious photos while on a family boating vacation. When his phone fell overboard, it took irreplaceable photos and videos with it.

Since the release of the newest iteration, ThePhotoStick® Omni, sales on their website,, have skyrocketed. But, why?

Why Users Are Choosing ThePhotoStick® Omni

ThePhotoStick® Omni is a single device that can easily back up photos, videos, audio files, and more from multiple devices. ThePhotoStick® Omni comes with an adapter that is compatible with every modern device and operating system, allowing it to be used with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Compatibility is never an issue with the ThePhotoStick® Omni as it works with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Once plugged into your device, ThePhotoStick® Omni will find, back up, and secure each and every file, leaving users with peace of mind, knowing their memories are safely stored away. Since becoming available to the general public, hundreds have been pouring into each day to check out ThePhotoStick® Omni for themselves.

Find Out What Customers Have to Say About ThePhotoStick® Omni

“I purchased 60 of these to gift to my employees this year for Christmas, it’s turned out to be a fantastic gift for all! Everyone was very appreciative and loved the it works on any device. Highly recommend and would purchase again!” – Leslie T.

“Great Service and company. I am awful at technology, so I had issues finding the pictures downloaded and replaying them. The service was absolutely the best – had patience with me!” – Paul P.

“Worked very easily. Found all my photos on my old computer extremely fast. ThePhotoStick Omni was very easy to use. It has plenty of storage space. It looked in every file on my old computer for any kind of photo or video I had stored years ago and even forgot about. I didn’t think the cost was too much either. I would recommend this to anyone.” – Karla T.

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