Specialized Social Media Marketing Agency Amando helps emerging artists take the music industry by storm

The agency helps musicians get the necessary push they need to stand out from the competition.

With so much content being produced daily, a lot of talented musicians are struggling to get the initial push they need to go viral. This is particularly true for musicians and artists who don’t know how to leverage the power of social media and marketing in today’s fast-paced digital world. In a bid to help artists succeed, reputable social media marketing agency Amando is trying to make a difference.

The social media marketing agency has a proven track record of helping many aspiring musicians leverage digital marketing to go from complete unknowns to show performers. They recently helped emerging artist @fivestarr___ go viral and work his way from the ground to 18,000+ monthly listeners and counting. 

The agency offers a comprehensive range of services, including Spotify ads, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and more. The services are designed in easy to understand packages to cater to the needs of people with different budgets. Their team is passionate about the industry and works closely with their clients to understand their timeframe and recommend a package that gets the best results.

Talking to the media, the founder of the agency said, “The music industry is very lucrative, which is why so many people are producing content to become the next big superstar and achieve their dreams. Unlike in the past, where just talent might have been enough, now people need a good marketing strategy. This is why we designed affordable packages that help them go viral and build a following.”

He went on to add, “As someone who loves music, it fills me with pride when we help artists express their talent to the world. Recently through his efforts, talent and our marketing effort one of our client @kidvanish is performing at Creators Don’t Die in Dallas Texas. Just like him, we help scale young artists on Spotify rap talent into show-performing artists all over the world. Many times we get to learn about very talented artists who don’t have money to promote themselves. We get in touch with them and start promoting them free of cost because our primary motive is more than just money and ensuring no talent gets wasted ever again”.

Their team has expertise in Spotify ads which helps them advertise tracks and get organic streams starting at 4K-10k and going all the way to hundreds of thousands of people. They also have a team of PR professionals that specialize in celebrity promotion to help get the word out to their fans, friends, and followers. The agency is so confident in getting results for their clients that they even offer to do the press release again if it doesn’t generate the desired results the first time around. 

They have an authentic database of music lovers across the globe, which they tap into by sending a link to their clients’ tracks to communities particularly interested in that genre of music. This guarantees their clients thousands of listeners quickly. They also work with viral influencers such as @Longneckk to tap into their millions of followers and get their clients the organic push they need.

Musicians interested in learning more can visit their website today to check out the complete catalogue of music marketing packages on offer: https://amandomarketing.com/.

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