Telemedicine: A Game-Changer in Health and Chronic Disease Management

Holistic Integrative Health PLLC is a telemedicine wellness practice that takes a functional approach and acts as an adjunct to traditional medicine to treat chronic diseases.


According to a commentary on Chronic Disease Prevention in 2022 by NACCD, nearly 60% of adult Americans have at least one chronic disease, and more than two-thirds of all deaths are caused by these chronic ailments.

Holistic Integrative Health PLLC is a telemedicine healthcare provider that revolutionizes chronic disease management through an integrated holistic health approach. With a mission to address the root cause of disease and promote optimal health and well-being, the practice provides remote personalized patient-centered care that empowers individuals to take control of their health.

Traditional medical approaches or allopathy often focus on treating symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of these diseases. In contrast, Holistic Integrative Health PLLC takes a multimodal approach, incorporating a range of treatment modalities, including conventional medicine, alternative therapies, nutrition, exercise, and mind-body practices to develop a personalized plan for each individual.

The company does not claim to replace the primary healthcare providers but rather works as an adjunct or supplementary natural care that complements regular treatment in attaining health goals. The practice is mainly preventive and incorporates healthy lifestyle habits such as proper nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management techniques. Individuals can reduce or perhaps even eliminate the need for prescription drugs. They can also reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions and improve their overall health and well-being.


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Dr. John D. Gonzalez, its founder, is a board-certified and Texas-licensed Adult and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner since 2004. He believes in the equitable delivery of care and uses a collaborative non-judgmental approach. Through personal experience, he understood that these natural methods of treatment can often fill the gaps that sometimes remain unaddressed by conventional medicine. He learned that combining physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health and wellness with regular treatment methods can help in optimizing good health. His knowledge and skill have been decorated by several awards and honors. He is also an accomplished public speaker and contributor to medical publications.

Holistic Integrative Health PLLC works on various conditions of metabolic health, gastrointestinal health, brain health, immune health, wellness, and chronic disease management. It also offers nutrition counseling or health coaching, and HIV PreP, which is preventive care for HIV infection for those who may be at risk. The telemedicine service is available throughout Texas, with the option of home visits when necessary. Nutrition counseling and health coaching sessions may be offered outside of Texas. 

The telemedicine mode of healthcare is a game-changer. It allows for providing high-quality care to patients who may not have access to the physical location, have mobility or transportation issues, or when in-person visits may not be possible.

With a focus on treating a person’s entire wellness, addressing the root cause of disease, and providing personalized, patient-centered care, Holistic Integrative Health PLLC is changing the way chronic diseases are managed. By empowering individuals to take control of their health and promoting optimal health and well-being, the service helps to create a healthier, happier world.

About the Practice: 

Holistic Integrative Health PLLC is a telemedicine healthcare practice adopting a functional approach to medical care. It integrates conventional medical practices with holistic methods to achieve optimum results in the treatment of chronic illnesses. The service focuses on evaluating and treating the root cause of the disease to help improve and stabilize the symptoms. It seeks to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of an individual with personalized plans based on comprehensive evaluations of their lifestyle habits, nutrition, exercise, and medical history. Remote sessions offer convenience and comfort and make the service widely available.

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