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MARIO L. HERMAN is an attorney specializing in franchise law. He has represented franchisees affiliated with more than 115 franchise systems in the U.S. and abroad. The attorney has been a member of The American Bar Association International Law Section, the Forum on Franchising Section, the International Association of Franchisees and Dealers, and many other. Thus, the attorney is a reliable international and American franchise attorney. His services include preparing and reviewing franchise agreements and franchise disclosure documents, mediation and litigation in court and arbitrations, and more.

The company spokesperson answered a query: “The pre-opening phase of buying a franchise is typically a critical time for one’s franchise business. Thus, they must plan the pre-opening phase to ensure everything is in place before they start operating. This includes securing a location, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, hiring and training employees, setting up the business, and marketing to attract customers. So, make a detailed plan for the pre-opening phase and ensure to stick at it as much as possible.”

In need of the services of a master franchise contract attorney? MARIO L. HERMAN is the go-to attorney for such services. He is a professional master franchise attorney with three decades of experience representing franchisees in the U.S. and abroad. So, by hiring his service, clients are assured of meeting their master franchising goals as he will assist them in finding answers to the commonly asked questions about master franchising. These include how will international franchising law affect their master franchise? How much marketing support will a person receive from the international or US-based franchisor? Moreover, how will they recruit, train and support their franchisees? Mr. Herman also assists clients in analyzing and reviewing their franchise agreements. So, contact the attorney today for assistance in making the right decisions about their master franchise business.

The company spokesperson added, “In choosing a suitable location, one should consider factors such as accessibility, foot traffic, visibility, and competition. Then, work with real estate agents to find the best location for a franchise business. For more insights, clients can contact us.”

Furthermore, MARIO L. HERMAN is also a top restaurant franchise attorney in the U.S. The attorney can assist clients in capitalizing upon their real estate franchisee opportunities, such as affiliating with a realtor company such as Keller Williams, bringing a U.S. franchise overseas, buying into a condominium or apartment complex, and more. So, contact a real estate franchisee lawyer at the law firm today to schedule a consultation. In addition, Mr. Herman is also an experienced restaurant franchise lawyer who has assisted numerous people interested in restaurant franchises such as fast food outlets, casual dining establishments, and even ice cream shops. He also handles disputes that must be resolved through arbitration, such as territorial encroachment, future royalties, contract issues, franchise agreements, and more.


MARIO L. HERMAN is a franchise law attorney who works directly with prospective domestic and international franchise owners. Typically, he helps franchisees in various industries such as real estate, hotel, printing, domestic services industry, and more. So, hire a restaurant franchise lawyer today!

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