WakuWaku and Mini.Katana Join Forces to Celebrate Anime Culture

WakuWaku and Mini.Katana Join Forces to Celebrate Anime Culture
Two powerhouses coming together to launch the #1 anime newsletter in the world.

WakuWaku, a new anime newsletter, and Mini.Katana, a katana company known for its historically accurate, high-quality katanas and their anime-inspired blades, have announced a collaboration to promote anime, gaming, and more!

The collaboration between WakuWaku and Mini.Katana will launch a brand new anime newsletter, delivering journalism that appeals to fans of Japanese media. Every Thursday, fans can expect to see a weekly round-up of news for anime, gaming, and Japanese culture. The newsletter will additionally feature gaming setups, cosplay from creators on social media, and other goodies, like anime trivia and Japanese vocabulary.

Mini.Katana has been making waves within its own business, boasting 30,000+ happy customers for their digital store selling high-quality katanas, catering both to customers who value historical accuracy, as well as anime fans looking for reproductions of their favorite character’s weapons.

Additionally, their Youtube channel has amassed over 15 billion views overall; their most viral video has 150 million views, and their channel as a whole is on track to hit an average of 1 billion views per month by the end of 2023.

Aside from being a reliable source of anime and gaming micro-journalism, the intent of the newsletter is to highlight cosplay creators and both anime and Japanese culture overall in an accessible format via email. Upon signing up for the newsletter, new fans receive access to Mini Katana’s discord with over 30,000 members, as well as a guide to global anime conventions across the globe to keep them connected with others who have similar interests.

The collaboration between WakuWaku and Mini Katana is set to be one of the most exciting partnerships in the world of anime, gaming, and Japanese culture. Fans can expect to see a range of exciting new content in the coming weeks and months, as these two brands come together to celebrate their shared passion for these shared interests.

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