Mango CM Provides Users With 2D Character Design Ideas & Solutions

Mango CM Provides Users With 2D Character Design Ideas & Solutions
Create interesting 2D characters easily using Mango CM.
Mango Animate enables users worldwide to enjoy higher-level 2D character design, making animated characters in a hassle-free way.

As the use of animation explodes, the need for animated characters also becomes more pronounced. As animators use different animation programs, they may find the characters don’t meet their specific needs. So, 2D character design becomes a necessary skill. Mango Character Maker (Mango CM) simplifies 2D character design so animators at any level will be able to create pro-level 2D characters in a snap. 

With Mango CM, 2D character design is as simple as importing a PNG or PSD image into the software, adding bones (rigging), adding movements (animating), and exporting the finished character for use in various animation projects. The animated character maker has several built-in features, making this process as simple as possible.

For starters, there are premade character templates, both human and animal. These are fully rigged and ready to use. Users can customize them to meet their specifications. The character editor will allow them to modify the skin color as well as the color of various body parts. And with the powerful accessory library, they are able to swap outfits and accessories with just a few clicks. 2D character design has never been so simple.

For users who are more skilled at 2D character design and prefer to import images and build their characters from scratch, the easy-to-use bone tool lets them rig the characters quickly. There are also bone templates that can be applied to imported images for faster creation. Users are allowed to create or import their own animations or make use of Mango CM’s motion library. It features myriad facial expressions and body movements. And the intelligent Inverse Kinematic (IK) feature makes the characters’ poses and movements more natural and logical.

The greatest part of this 2D character design software is that the characters are allowed to be easily exported for use in any animation project. Export formats include MP4, MOV, PNG, and animated GIFs. They can be shared directly on social media.

“We pride ourselves on providing great solutions to our customers and our 2D character design software is evidence of that,” says Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head of Mango Animate.

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