Alpha Love Comes with Conditions – An Interesting Read by Angela Green

Angela Green’s novel, “Love, Marriage, & Conditions,” is set to release in April. This gripping story follows the lives of Joshua and Angelique, a picture-perfect couple who are deeply in love and fiercely protective of each other. But as with any marriage, being married to one of the most powerful, alpha, confident men who knows what he wants comes with conditions.

Joshua used to control the streets of New York with Angelique’s cousin, Trequan. But he got out of the game to marry his love and settle down. Angelique, who owns a club in New York City, knew all of Joshua’s conditions before they got married and was okay with it until one of the conditions came between them.

Trequan, on the other hand, wanted to have a relationship with Christine, his baby’s mother, but it didn’t work out. He met Sonya, and she piqued his interest, and he pursued her. Can Trequan win Sonya over to the dark side and take a chance on him? Can Sonya move past her insecurities about what people consider a normal relationship?

“Love, Marriage, & Conditions” is a page-turning drama that explores the complexities of relationships, black love, and loyalty. It is a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next.

Angela Green is a talented black author who has a gift for storytelling, and “Love, Marriage, & Conditions” is sure to be no exception. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves drama, romance, and suspense.

“Love, Marriage, & Conditions” will be available in bookstores and online in April. 

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