Independent King: An Inspirational Guide To How To Make Millions In The Music Industry

Independent King: An Inspirational Guide To How To Make Millions In The Music Industry
Lavour “Boomman” Sanders’s new book brings his proven recipe for success to potential entrepreneurs.

Lavour Sanders found incredible success as an artist and music executive known as The Boomman. Now, this widely successful force in music has announced the upcoming release of his highly anticipated book, Independent King, along with his rebranding as an entrepreneur and mentor for those looking to reach the same great heights.

Independent King is a candid memoir chronicling Sanders’s journey in the music industry, from his humble beginnings co-founding a gospel rap trio in high school to becoming a prominent figure in the southern hip-hop scene. The book is a testament to Sanders’ resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing his successes and setbacks in the cut-throat music industry.

Through Independent King, Sanders aims to inspire, as well as educate, aspiring artists and entrepreneurs on how to strategically break into, finance, and promote their businesses. His innovative methods have helped him generate millions of dollars in income, a method he is now sharing his knowledge and expertise with others through his masterclass, A Million in 90 Days.

What makes Sanders’s system so unique is that anyone can find success by following his path. It isn’t just limited to music or performance artists. Entrepreneurs and business-minded people can learn from the lessons that Lavour teaches and apply them to their own situations. Success is success and Sanders knows how to get there.

When it comes to the power of the lessons that Sanders can teach, the proof is in his incredible resume. He has established his very own music distribution company, Muzik Junky, and his artist service-based label/management venture Authentic Empire, which has served thousands of artists worldwide and distributed over 7,000 songs independently through his catalog.

Sanders’s rebranding as an entrepreneur reflects his evolution as a business owner and leader in the music industry. His vision for the future includes empowering others to find success and make a positive impact through their businesses and creative pursuits.

For Lavour Sanders, true achievements aren’t only personal. Having helped countless artists and music executives already, Independent King sets out to take that mantra to another level. Independent King is available for pre-order now. The book will be officially released in the second quarter of 2023, in both print and e-book formats.

About Lavour Sanders

Lavour “Boomman” Sanders is a music industry veteran and successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. He earned his first million in 2011 and has since generated millions of dollars in income for himself and others, serving thousands of artists worldwide and distributing over 7,000 songs independently through his catalog. Sanders has established himself as an innovative agent for change in the music industry through his distribution company Muzik Junky and his service-based company Authentic Empire. He now focuses on entrepreneurship and building his empire, offering his expertise to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs through his masterclass, A Million in 90 Days, and his upcoming book, Independent King.

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