How Melissa Kuan is Helping People to Tap Into Manifesting Hidden Potential and Transforming Lives

Melissa Kuan, life coach, RTT specialist and activation guide, is proud to announce the launch of her new program called “Activated – Embody Your Next Level and Manifest your Destiny” in the next few weeks. It is a proven system to completely transform the lives of her clients from the inside out. Through this program, she hopes to create more freedom and abundance in all areas of their lives.

Melissa is an experienced coach who offers programs designed to help people move past their biggest blocks and limitations so they can live their purpose and manifest their potential. With her unique approach, she believes it’s possible for anyone to break free from these self-limiting beliefs and be fully expressed as the authentic version of themselves in the world.

In order to create an impactful change, most people try to change their life by changing their circumstances, while failing to understand why they keep creating the same results. Leaning into her expertise and neuroscience, Melissa has created strategies based on the scientifically proven fact that change begins on the inside. “What we see in our reality is literally a reflection of what’s going on in our consciousness. It reflects who we are being back to us, like a mirror,” she states.

Melissa’s core belief is different from other coaches and experts in the personal development field. Instead of ‘fixing what’s broken on the inside’ she believes that each individual is born whole, with all capabilities safe within. With her strategies, she simply helps her clients peel back the layers to uncover their strengths and bring them to the surface.

In ‘Activated – Embody Your Next Level and Manifest your Destiny,’ she will help her clients to transform their identities by shifting who they are being in the present moment – their thoughts, feelings, patterns, habits, reactions, beliefs, actions, and so on- in order to transform their realities very quickly.

If you really want to transform your life, you need to transform yourself. You’ll see it when you BE it.” Melissa Kuan.

To get more details about Melissa and her latest program, Activated – Embody Your Next Level and Manifest your Destiny,’ visit or

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