Kathy Davis Teaches Entrepreneurs to Leverage Plant-Centered Eating to Achieve Success in Business

Davis shares experiences, research, and the mindset necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle to achieve success in business and life.

Davis is the founder of VegInspired, a leading plant-based and mindset company with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower others to eat more plants. Her story of being uninspired, exhausted, and suffering symptoms of chronic illness inspired Davis to change the food she consumed; in doing so, she saw a significant impact on her energy, confidence, health, AND in the success of her company.

As a whole-food, plant-based eater, Davis specializes in helping other entrepreneurs adopt healthier habits and a more aligned way of thinking about the food they consume and how it may support their goals.

Through VegInspired, Davis offers one-to-one coaching and mentorship, group programs, experiences, and masterminds that cultivate the mindset, habits, and routine shifts necessary to adopt this “eat more plants” philosophy.

Statistics show that incorporating whole-food, plant-based eating into one’s diet* can improve health and increase productivity, ultimately contributing to business success. These foods are nutrient-dense and provide sustained energy throughout the day. Additionally, whole-food, plant-based diets* have been linked to lower rates of chronic disease, leading to fewer illnesses causing loss of work or energy and increased focus on work tasks.

As a busy female entrepreneur running an international company, Davis knows all too well the loss of work and low energy that can hold back or halt success in business and business growth.

Davis understands that not everyone is ready to eliminate animal products entirely as the definition of “plant-based” implies; she fosters an inclusive community for those seeking more information on eating more plants and eating fewer animal products and processed foods.

Davis’s programs focus on eating more whole-plant foods to increase energy, nutrient absorption, wellness, and productivity to create a life of joy, alignment, and success, all fueled by plants.

Davis saw a 10X increase in business revenue, the successful publication of four books (The 30-Minute Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook, The Super Easy, Plant-Based Cookbook, The Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Diet Cookbook, and Absolute Vision – www.veginspired.com/books), and the increase in wellness, energy, and productivity essential to building a successful business.

Davis expertly leads clients through a framework where they clearly define their goals, identify their individualized plan based on their goals and lifestyle, and then craft a blueprint broken into 30-day focal points to incorporate small changes, adopt new habits and lifestyle changes.

Davis founded her company by blending the mindset and the surface-level doing and leads with two influential philosophies: 1) Eat More Plants and 2) Intention over Perfection.

Clients can see changes in their energy, health, and life in less than 30 days of working with Davis.To learn more about Kathy and how to leverage the power of plant-centered eating for success, more information can be found at https://www.veginspired.com/.

*the way one eats, Davis is adamant that this is not a diet and works to help clients unpack years of diet culture and bs to help them proceed with healthier habits and thoughts as a way of life.

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