Industrial-Psych band The Drood drop music video for their new single ‘Hallow’

Denver-based experimental psych-rock band The Drood has dropped their latest single and music video, “Hallow,” on March 7th. Released on Emergency Hearts Records, the song explores themes of self-awareness and the search for hidden knowledge. With a driving industrial-esque rhythm and a rolling, almost hip-hop beat, the song is an eclectic mix of garage-rock, shoegaze, and industrial genres.

“Hallow” was written, performed, and recorded by The Drood in Lafayette, CO, with Daniel Watts on percussion, synths, and noise, and Nathan Jamiel on bass guitar, guitar, and vocals. The song was mixed by Daniel Watts and mastered by Joep Hendrikx in The Netherlands.

Formed in 2012, The Drood has since featured a rotating line-up that’s centered around founding members Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel. The band’s eclectic nature has led them to experiment with a wide range of genres, including ballads, ambient drones, soundscapes, and more, with a touch of wry humor and novelty. The band has worked with Randall Frazier of The Legendary Pink Dots and Orbit Service and recently collaborated with Dead Voices On Air on a Psychic TV cover song.

Most recently, the band composed an hour-long ambient session for the Mysteries of UB television show. The Drood has released two full-length albums and several singles and music videos.

The music video for “Hallow” features an eerie, psychedelic montage of dark and abstract imagery, adding an extra layer of depth to the song’s haunting lyrics. The Drood continues to captivate listeners with their unique blend of industrial, rock, and experimental genres, making “Hallow” a must-listen for fans of avant-garde music.

Watch the video on YouTube

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