Reach New Heights in IT with Sabrish Chand’s Professional Consulting & Education Services

Sabrish Chand, founder of The International Institute of IT & Consulting (IIITC), is revolutionizing the lives of IT professionals with his consulting and educational services. Providing top-quality education to budding IT professionals, and transformational career advice and guidance to veterans,  he empowers them to thrive in an increasingly competitive job market.

The IIITC offers tailored solutions through multi-level programs, designed to cater to various stages of professional growth. From professional consultants to 6-figure Elite, and 7-figure Master consultants, his clients learn strategies to radically increase their revenue, even in unstable economic times.

Its programs enable IT professionals to consistently earn $10K+ per month income while working from home, enjoying greater flexibility, and building confidence to become self-sustained in their personal and professional life. In addition to transformational programs, the institute provides placement assistance through their consulting partners where needed. It also offers continuous support to its students throughout their journey in securing their first high-paying client.

The students are engaged for life in its community, where they get strategies, tactics, tools, resources and support they need in their consulting practice. We provide technical IT certification training to help our students continuously learn and develop their technical skills throughout their consulting practice.

“I firmly believe that success is for all, and with commitment and persistence, anyone can achieve it,” states Sabrish. “As an immigrant who moved to Canada seeking better life prospects, I found my own path to success in IT through consulting. Consulting empowered me to learn, grow, network, and get recognized faster, ultimately enabling me to become self-sufficient at an accelerated pace.” Emphasizing his goals for his institute, he says, “This is a path that traditional jobs often don’t provide. At IIITC, our goal is to help IT Specialists and IT Contractors unlock their full potential and experience similar success by offering tailored coaching and support that accelerate their personal and professional growth.”

Sabrish envisions a future where independent experts play an increasingly important role in the digital landscape. He believes that, ‘With the world going digital, companies will likely become leaner, leverage automation and AI where needed, and will heavily rely on independent experts for their business and IT needs.” His mission at IIITC is to prepare IT Specialists and IT Contractors for this future by equipping them with the skills, resources, and support they need to thrive as independent experts in the IT consulting field.

Since its inception in 2022, IIITC has made significant strides in transforming the lives of IT Specialists and IT Contractors. Its achievements include impactful results, multiple success stories, growth in clients’ personal brands and formation of strategic partnerships.

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