The 7th Global Symposium of Starch Capsules Held, Erkang Chewable Vege Capsules Received International Recognition

From 21-24 March 2023, the 7th Global Symposium of Starch Capsules was held again after a three-year break. Manufacturer representatives and production experts from New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, China and other countries and regions gathered at Erkang Pharmaceutical to exchange ideas on the technology and innovative applications of starch capsules to further promote the global cooperation and development of starch capsules.


According to market research data, the number of capsules with plant-based statements has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 34% in the past two years, which is twice the growth rate of ordinary capsule products. The rapid development of the market has led to more demand from consumers and brands for industrialized production and innovative products of plant-based capsules, and the 7th Global Symposium of Starch Capsules was held in that context.


It is reported that this summit is hosted by Erkang Pharmaceuticals, with the aim of sharing the patented technology of starch for plant softgels to global dietary supplement, nutraceutical and food manufacturers and brands, and promoting the global industrialization cooperation of plant capsules. After three years, Erkang not only disclosed the key points of Starchgel® technology such as gelling, feeding, pill pressing, drying and equipment modification in this summit, but also brought the newly developed N-VGEL and V-chew, chewable plant capsule starch related technology and standardized production process.



Bob, R&D Director of Erkang Pharmaceutical’s Big Health, said, “The process, raw materials, equipment, and standards of the production technology of Erkang plant capsule starch have been further improved. Manufacturers can use Erkang plant gum to wrap highly active nutrients, manufacture natural, heat resistant, and stable plant capsules, and also use V-CHEW to make chewable plant capsules. In addition, Erkang has participated in the design and development of a universal sealed exhibition box for plant glue and gelatin, combining sealed exhibition boxes and ordinary open exhibition boxes. The rubber box also solves many problems such as rubber scratches, uneven rubber thickness, and cold glue. Erkang is committed to helping customers reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.”


In the communication with the guests, a dietary supplement manufacturer from New Zealand told us, “Before cooperate with Erkang, we were using gelatin capsules. When we considered switching part of the gelatin production line to a vegetable capsule production line, production cost, sealing strength, and speed of mechanical encapsulation of the gelatin were the challenges we found most difficult. But then through in-depth understanding of Erkang Starchgel production technology, we agreed that Erkang Starchgel was the best choice to meet the product’s clean label formulation dosage form.”


It is understood that the new chewable plant capsule technology of Erkang N-VGEL and V-chew has a richer taste and meets the clean label. At present, Erkang’s plant capsule series have obtained many international certifications, including Halal certification, Vegan Society certification, KOF-K Kosher certification, and SGS NON-GMO certification, and the products are exported to 38 countries and regions.


Asena, General Manager of Er-Kang Pharmaceutical Health Division, said that as the first company in the world to industrialize starchy plant capsules, Erkang has played a key role in the development of the plant capsule market. In the future, Erkang will join hands with more partners and continue to carry out global summits on starchy plant capsules to provide diversified innovative solutions for plant capsules to all brands and manufacturers who want to create natural products and realize win-win cooperation.

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