South Korea officially implemented the new KC 62619, portable outdoor energy storage power into the control


On March 20, the Korean Institute of Technology and Standards issued 2023-0027 announcement, the release of energy storage battery new standard KC 62619.

Compared with the 2019 KC 62619, the new version mainly includes the following changes:

1) Alignment of term definitions and international standards;

2) The scope of application is expanded, mobile energy storage equipment is brought into control, and it is more clearly pointed out that portable outdoor energy storage power is also within the scope; The applicable scope is modified to be above 500Wh and below 300kWh;

3) Add requirements for battery system design in Section 5.6.2;

4) Add requirements for system locks;

5) Increase EMC requirements;

6) Add thermal spread test procedures by laser triggering thermal runaway.

Compared with the international standard IEC 62619:2022, the new KC 62619 differs in the following aspects:

1) Coverage: In the international standard, the applicable scope is industrial batteries; KC 62619:2022 specifies that its scope is applicable to energy storage batteries, and defines that mobile/stationary energy storage batteries, camping power supply and mobile electric vehicle chargers belong to the standard range

2) Sample quantity requirements: In Article 6.2, the IEC standard requires R (R is 1 or more) for sample quantity; In the new KC 62619, three samples are required per test for the cell and one sample for the battery system

3) Appendix E has been added in the new KC 62619, refining the evaluation method for battery systems less than 5kWh

The notice is effective as of the date of publication. The old KC 62619 standard will be repealed one year after the date of publication.


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