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Telemedicine Site Joe Pill Offering 15 Prescriptions And An Easy Online Appointment

In an era of rising medical costs and tightening state and federal budgets, the United States has begun to seriously evaluate the value for each health care dollar that is spent. With a healthy desire to maintain quality care for patients, a new approach is now being considered and implemented: preventive healthcare. Although recognized in the United States since 1954, preventive healthcare is now poised to gain traction in society. The goal of preventive medicine is to promote health and well being and to work to prevent illness, disease, disability, and death.

While medicating before dental visits with amoxicillin or taking a bowel prep before a colonoscopy are common preventive medicine options widely in use today, this approach and scope is poised to expand. One telemedicine site is exclusively providing preventive health care solutions. “We are going to be at the forefront of improving the health of Americans,” stated Joseph DeBons, PharmD., and owner of “We have found there is a need and a desire for preventive healthcare in our society and we plan to meet that demand.”

Joe Pill is providing 15 preventive prescription medications in ultra lightweight packaging. The site even provides for a telemedicine visit to accommodate its patients. “We are helping traveling patients, patients living in underserved areas, patients who fear waiting rooms full of sick patients, patients who cannot leave work or home easily, and more.” The prescription pack provided by includes antibiotics, muscle relaxants, nausea medications, eyedrops, and more.

There are even options to add to the basic pack of 15 prescriptions. “Sometimes, patients want even more. We also offer prescription motion sickness patches, erectile dysfunction medication, gout, and cold sore prescriptions,” explained Dr. DeBons. “We are excited to be at the forefront of preventive healthcare.”

Patients of Joe Pill are voicing their appreciation for the online option that offers preventive healthcare. Joe Pill even accepts HSA or FSA cards for payment. With the rising costs and obstacles of modern healthcare, Joe Pill is designed for success by advancing modern preventive care.

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