Photo Release Forms offers a free, easy-access guide to copyright release forms for photographers.

Photo Release Forms provide an extensive list of guides to creating copyright photo release forms for states across the US.

Photo Release Forms offers carefully curated instructions on creating copyright release forms for any distinguishable photographs of an individual. 

The Importance of Release Forms  

Organizations, businesses, and photographers themselves often require the use of images with identifiable individuals. To legally use these photographs, they are required to have written consent from the individual in question. Photo Release Forms aims to provide free copyright release forms for photographers.

Speaking to a company representative, “Photo Release Forms can be hard to navigate, particularly when dealing with the independent laws and rules of every state. We provide clear and concise instructions on how to draft a copyright release form that strictly adheres to state law and also provides the signee with all the required information comprehensibly.”

Settings Requiring Use of Photo Release Forms

Copyright release forms are of utmost importance when businesses or photographers require using a person’s image for commercial endeavors. This encompasses a long list of uses, including but not limited to advertisements, websites, books, promotions, and marketing.

Furthermore, Release Forms are required when pictures of a person in public or private settings are used. These include general locations such as parks, streets, restaurants, and beaches, to name a few. The team of experts behind Photo Release Forms pays special attention to every requirement, ensuring their release forms provide all the necessary instructions.

Comprehensive Steps for Each Form

Photo Release Forms highlights in meticulous detail the steps to writing a comprehensive and legally sound copyright form. Their guide first describes a brief introduction that is personalized for the state. For example, a Photo Release Form in New York must start with a header including the form’s name and the date.

Similarly, the website details the next series of steps, some of which include identifying parties involved, such as the organization, business, or photographer and the signee. These forms may also require the purpose of release, identification of the photo and its use rights to be released, any additional terms or conditions, contact information, and more. All facts and figures required are explained in extensive detail.


Photo Release Forms are an essential part of most businesses and organizations as most, if not all, require marketing and ads. The company provides a richly-detailed and comprehensive guide on creating release forms for photographers, free of cost. 

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