“Success Awaits Those Who Call For It” Is the Message in Lisa Marree and Brad Flynn’s New Book

The authors believe success is found by yearning for it

When people go against the odds, they turn negatives into positives and inspire those around them with their example of leadership. One such example can be found in the pages of The Power of Leadership with Lisa Marree and Brad Flynn (now available on Amazon). This is the story of hardship and negativity turning into success and abundance.

Lisa Marree and Brad Flynn have worked as professional network marketers and transformational coaches for the last 18 years. Lisa focuses on holistic health with the female business community, and Brad creates physically and financially fit dads. Working together in their respective industries all these years has developed their individual strengths and combined them into a ‘power-couple’ force. Both of them learned that their desire to succeed was driven by wanting to help others: “There was an instant connection. We both realised we were internally driven by the same desires: To make an impact and change people’s lives.”

The saying, “Birds of a feather flock together,” applies to our authors: they both came from backgrounds of darkness and abuse. However, that wasn’t the only thing they had in common; they both also strove to break from that darkness by desiring a life of abundance. By finding each other, building off one another’s strengths, and honing their talents, Lisa and Brad not only broke the cycle of abuse and lack but climbed the ladder of success by showing the power of servant leadership. The key to this was working on themselves first.

“We worked harder on ourselves than we did in our business. The reality is that we’ve committed to thousands of hours of personal development,” says Lisa.

The Power of Leadership with Lisa Marree and Brad Flynn is a must-read for anyone who’s been dealt bad cards in life. Story after story teaches one thing: success is what one makes of it.

Entrepreneur Naomi Summers shares why Lisa and Brad continue to inspire her: “I feel privileged to share my thoughts and feelings about these two awesome humans, Lisa and Brad. They are truly an inspiration. The care and acceptance they have is so beautiful. I’ve witnessed some highs and some very low lows. Their determination and persistence never die. They have sheer inner strength and always strive for what they believe in. They have the ability to lead and guide without judgement. Some people would give up after what they’ve been through. But Lisa and Brad always find a way back from any challenge. I’m proud to know them and excited to see what’s next for this dynamic couple.”

Entrepreneur George Knight, a long-time friend of this couple, explains how Lisa and Brad have successfully overcome challenges: “I’ve known Lisa and Brad for several decades. We have worked together closely. We’ve laughed and cried together, travelled the country and the world together, and played in Disneyland together. I have seen this couple face challenges which others would find insurmountable. And each challenge has caused them to grow as individuals and as a couple. Why? Because they have a white heat laser focus on achieving their dreams by helping others achieve them. They have chosen to become bigger and stronger than their challenges, which has and will continue to inspire many people who want to break through that success barrier we all face. I’m proud to be a small part of their journey.”

The Power of Leadership with Lisa Marree and Brad Flynn is now for sale on Amazon.

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