How the Brain-Child of Pav Masutes, mySTAYINN, is Transforming Short-Term Lets in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s hospitality industry is set to get a major overhaul, thanks to the innovative technology solutions of local tech company mySTAYINN. Founded by Pav Masutes, mySTAYINN is the fastest growing STL (short-term lets) tech company in the UK and has been at the forefront of setting standards for the hospitality industry, and now more specifically, in the STL sector.

Pav, a visionary and thoughtful leader, has worked hard for the past decade to create a successful short-term rental company in the UK. His dedication and commitment have paid off as mySTAYINN achieved commendable success in just 6 months. Also a believer of building strong teams to ensure continued success, Pav searched tirelessly for a worthy partner who could help bring his vision to life. After 10 years of searching, he finally found that special person. Now, both founders work tirelessly in the business and spend most of their time ensuring the pricing is correct and continue to achieve excellent revenue, ROI, and yield while continuing to uphold mySTAYINN’s promises.

mySTAYINN has adopted a suite of seven advanced softwares and strong processes that are designed to improve safety, security and quality of life for residents in Edinburgh’s hospitality industry. This move comes as part of an outcry from local residents in response to inadequate safety standards, greedy landlords and underpaid staff prevalent in many parts of the industry.

mySTAYINN strives to make people happy rather than miserable, with everyone benefiting from their services. mySTAYINN’s  revolutionary hospitality company offers an innovative solution to the issues of traditional short-term lettings. They promise respect and value for customers, better pay and appreciation for staff, increased profits for landlords and excellent returns on investments. According to Pav, had this solution come 10 years earlier, it could have saved the impending shutdown of  90 – 95% STL accommodation in Edinburgh.

“We are pleased to say that mySTAYINN has become the fastest growing short-term rental company in the UK and within its first year and is already providing recording breaking returns and earning as high as 60% more revenue compared to previous years, a minimum 10% yield across the portfolio and minimum 20% ROI across the portfolio,” reports Pav jubilantly. “The future is upon us and the applications that modern tech has to offer is forever becoming a mandatory staple within every sector of our society. For those who don’t catch up soon are becoming clear candidates for failure. Not everyone has a spare 10 years to ponder and invest in new technology and processes so if you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em! There are little to none downsides of joining a new yet successful tech-oriented company and we think mySTAYINN could very well be the next big STL player on the block,” he continues.

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