New Children’s Book Teaches Young Readers to Appreciate Diversity and Become Content with What They Have

New Children’s Book Teaches Young Readers to Appreciate Diversity and Become Content with What They Have
Omo & Ivie By Eva Amiolemeh
The heartwarming encounter between Omo and Ivie can be used to nurture well-rounded and culturally aware students and inculcate positivity at an early age.

The year 2023 witnessed the release of some commendable children’s books with new-found themes and stunning illustrations. One such thought-provoking reads is “Omo and Ivie,” – a picture book brilliantly written by Eva Amiolemeh and aptly illustrated by Achmad Arsad. Together, the duo has been able to create a visually appealing work that doesn’t only entertain the children with its lighthearted prose but gifts them with many valuable lessons on contentment and the power of gratitude.

Rooted in optimism and gratefulness, the book is a tender portrayal of an African girl who has just realized the importance of admiring others’ possessions and sharing her cultural traditions with those around her. The book starts with a gloomy Omo walking alone to school, disquiet about the appearance of her cultural outfit. Soon, she is accompanied by Ivie – a bubbly girl wearing an impeccable beaded necklace. The walk to school becomes a little tense as a jealous Omo gruffly shows her disdain toward Ivie’s necklace, which was gifted to her by her grandmother.

Ivie’s confidence in herself and her culture gently enlightens Omo on the cultural significance of her necklace, thus shifting her behavior and perspective on people’s belongings and emphasizing the sheer importance of celebrating diversity. The book has more to explore that is best to be left to inquisitive readers.

Furthermore, the activity session at the end of the book provides youngsters with a much-needed opportunity for creative expression. Above all, the storybook is succinct and utilizes simple vocabulary, making storytelling a hassle-free experience.

 “Omo and Ivie” is 27 pages. Readers wishing to experience this imaginative work can get their copy here

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