Detective Comet, An Intelligent Fiction Story Series, With A Massive Dose Of Entertainment And Thrill, By Christopher E. Locke

Detective Comet, An Intelligent Fiction Story Series, With A Massive Dose Of Entertainment And Thrill, By Christopher E. Locke

Murder, mystery, and clues—sounds like an exciting read, Right?

There is something always fascinating about a great detective story. And things turn out to be more exciting if the detective plot intervenes with reality and current traditions.

Detective Comet narrates a similar story. It focuses on the life journey of Detective Comet, an intelligent character who is on a mission to stop the calamity from happening. And in order to prevent mass extinction and war, he must hold onto the promises and values just as his father.

But the question is. Will he be able to solve and eliminate the deadly plan of destruction before it is too late? Will Detective Comet understand the truth and reality that lies behind the curtains of misery and despair?

Not to mention here that the novels are exceptionally well written and to the point. Both of the books in the series, whether it is Detective Comet: An Odder’s Origin or Detective Comet: Odder and Eccentric, narrates the storyline beautifully. From the vocabulary and phrases to word flow and soothing dialogues—the content in these books are easy-to-understand and will keep you entertained all along.

From the very first page, both of these books will hold onto your nerves. It is like riding a roller coaster, in which you don’t know about the upcoming, but be sure to witness fun and entertainment.

You will discover many great things and life traits as you read through the chapters. Detective Comet is not just a novelist visualization on paper. It is a complete character or more sort of a living individual that just needs your attention to provide you with a massive dose of entertainment and thrill.

Along with the great storyline and astonishing characters, the story holds many secrets and mysteries. From treacherous challenges and life-threatening missions to dangerous encounters with enemies and hazardous weapons and traps—you can expect nothing but greatness.

The author is very keen and determined; readers can see his intelligence and humor as they read the story. Each and every chapter in this mesmerizing novel demonstrate perfection. The pure emotions, various feelings, modest sentiments, and the ability to step forward after every fight and failure, the author manages to transcribe his dedication and passion into this form of writing.

Easier said than done. The excellence of Detective Comet speaks for itself. You will not feel detached from the story at any point. It will live up to your expectations, and you will face difficulty in putting it down before getting to know everything.

In a nutshell, this novel is amazing and has all the elements to keep you hooked to your seats.

About the author:

Christopher E. Locke is an author who’s passionate about the Detective Comet series and has a goal to show the world its true colors through characters of fur, scales, and the ability to fight back against obstacles that oppose them. With more characters joining this detective’s journey as the series continues, you can learn many lessons from it.

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Book Name: Detective Comet : An Odder’s Origin
Author Name: Christopher E. Locke
ISBN Number: 979-8427699396
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