FlexiSpot V6 Intelligent Office Fitness Chair Launched on Indiegogo

A ground-breaking, all-in-one workstation with an integrated desk and fitness chair, allowing users to exercise while working at home or in the office.

Launched today on Indiegogo < http://bit.ly/3LFBiDs >, the Flexispot V6 Intelligent Office Fitness Chair is an all-in-one comfortable, ergonomic, and convenient desk bike and office chair that allows users to work and exercise at the same time!

FlexiSpot V6 allows users to meet two essential goals: working more comfortably with a spine-friendly posture, and exercising while they’re at work. As an integrated office chair and bike, the V6 allows users to cycle and exercise while working at a desk, playing video games, reading a book, watching TV, or engaging in other activities while sitting.

Basically, users can do cardio without even thinking about it, boosting energy levels, shedding weight, and losing belly fat, all while working

As an office chair, the FlexiSpot V6 has multiple ergonomic features, including: 

  • An adjustable headrest that can be comfortably tilted and adjusted for neck comfort
  • An adjustable Lumbar support bracket that helps to keep the user’s spine in the correct position in multiple office applications
  • A contoured seat that targets the lower part of the back, preventing bad posture and its consequences
  • An adjustable handle for the radius of the spinal support frame, allowing the user to move it up and down and adapt it to the spine
  • A Y-shaped bracket structure that fully supports the user’s back from every angle critical to spine health
  • A backrest that supports a 90- to 102-degree tilt adjustment
  • A seat cushion with an optimized shape for cycling and sitting offers a more extensive base where necessary to reduce friction and extrusion while cycling yet remain incredibly comfortable when seated
  • A stable seat featuring a 55mm-thick elastic sponge pad and a highly breathable mesh create a comfortable experience
  • An adjustable armrest for multiple angles for comfort and correct positioning
  • Two handles to adjust the chair’s height and its position, moving backward or forward.

As a fitness bike, the FlexiSpot V6 features essential characteristics that any top-quality exercising bicycle should have. From a digital display that allows the users to check speed, workout time, and calories burned to a user-friendly way of choosing between eight resistance levels, the V6 has got it all. The FlexiSpot V6 operates quietly to minimize workplace disruption, features lockable gravity casters to prevent unintentional moving or sliding, and has foldable bike pedals so users can fold the pedals away when resting or not using the biking features.

The FlexiSpot V6 Intelligent Office Fitness Chair campaign on Indiegogo < http://bit.ly/3LFBiDs > seeks to raise $5,000. This ground-breaking bike will be offered early and at a special discounted price to backers who support the campaign.

About FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot is the leading manufacturer of ergonomic products that help consumers adapt to a constantly changing world. Our best-in-class products for home and work help keep users active, organized, and flexible throughout each day.

We demonstrate our commitment to a wellness lifestyle and increased productivity at work and home for the health and cost-conscious consumer, propelling the quality and design of every sit-stand workstation, height-adjustable desk, exercise bike, and other ergonomic solutions we provide. Building on this, FlexiSpot partners with other like-minded organizations to advance the use of ergonomic solutions in our everyday lives.

For more information, please visit < http://bit.ly/3LFBiDs > or contact FlexiSpot Team at [email protected]

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