Dryer Vent Cleaning in Midlothian, VA by Dryer Vents RVA to Improve Dryer Vents Longevity, Efficiency, and Safety

Dryer Vents RVA cleans and installs fire vents in and around Richmond, VA. The business is trusted for the quality of its service, timely response to calls, and the value offered for the money charged. Its staff explains what needs to be done to get the dryer working efficiently so the client knows what is being done.

According to announcements released by Dryer Vents RVA and Corey Parrish, this business’s dryer vent cleaning Midlothian, VA services efficiently remove the lint from dryer ducts. Its services improve the efficiency, longevity, and safety of dryers.

The business recommends calling a dryer vent cleaning expert if clothes take longer to dry, there is noticeable lint buildup, or the dryer becomes too hot to touch.

A clogged or dirty dryer vent is a genuine fire hazard that can cause much damage. Its experienced technicians recommend cleaning dryer vents at least once a year to clear lint buildup and mitigate fire risk. Clogged vents strain the dryer because the machine has to work harder to dry the clothes. Over time, mechanical errors develop, which can shorten the dryer’s lifespan.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur with clogged gas-powered dryers because the gas is forced back into the house due to blocked passages.

The benefits of dryer vent cleaning include lower energy bills, longer-lasting dryers, and reduced risk of fires. According to sources, Dryer Vents RVA takes around an hour to clean most dryer vents. Clients must be present because the technicians require access to the back of the dryer.

This business’s standard dryer vent cleaning involves replacing the flex line behind the dryer with a fire-resistant version. The line is cleaned of lint with a snake. Clients are provided with before and after pictures that reveal the extent of cleaning done. Dryer Vents RVA has more than a hundred 5-star ratings on Google.

For more information, go to https://www.dryerventsrva.org/dryer-vent-cleaning-in-midlothian-va.

Corey Parrish of Dryer Vents RVA said, “Throughout my dryer vent cleaning career, I have seen many problems. However, the two most common ones have been flex lines and covers. These two things account for around 60-70 percent of the problems I see at a customer’s house. When it comes to flex lines, they are generally too long, causing unnecessary turns in your dryer vent, or the dryer is pushed back too far, crushing the flex line. I will break each of these down in more detail.

As I mentioned, flex lines should be shorter. Well, why is that? When the delivery team comes to install your dryer, they are generally not concerned with optimizing your vent. So, they install a longer-than-needed flex line because that is the most convenient thing for them. However, this makes your flex line have unnecessary turns in it. Those turns end up slowing down the airflow and costing you money every month on the electric bill. The same thing will happen if the line gets crushed or has a kink from the dryer being pushed too far back. Most dryer manufacturers suggest that the dryer be 6 inches or more from the back wall to prevent this from happening.

Unlike most vents in your house, the dryer vent exhausts more than just air or gas. It also exhausts lint, so certain covers do not work for dryer vents. Why? Many exhaust covers have holes or bars too tight for lint.

The cover might be fine on other occasions, but chicken wire might be attached to the dryer vent cover. If the cover has chicken wire over it or is improper, lint can’t reach the exhaust. This creates a clog.”

About the Company:

Dryer Vents RVA cleans dryer vents and also offers repair and rebuild services. It pays particular attention to issues resulting in backpressure and an increased fire risk. The business has earned many recommendations from satisfied customers because of its professionalism and customer-centric approach to dryer vent cleaning.

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