Comate CT: The World’s First All-Round Comfortable E-Bike Launched on Indiegogo

The world’s most comfortable, intelligent & ergonomic e-bike is built around the user’s need for taking lengthier rides with greater comfort and autonomy.

Comate CT E-Bike has been launched today on Indiegogo, at <>, as the world’s most comfortable e-bike.

Comate was founded in Tilburg, in the Netherlands, by four co-founders united by their commitment to the protection of the environment, their passion for cycling, their desire for freedom, and their high degree of self-discipline; Comate is excited to announce the launch of its latest creation, the CT e-bike. This cutting-edge electric bike is designed with the latest technology and superior craftsmanship, providing riders with a seamless and efficient experience on the road.

At the heart of the CT e-bike is the Human-Bike Dynamics, a revolutionary system that uses non-contact magnet torque sensors to connect the smart controller with predictive technology. This innovative feature allows the motor’s output to continuously align with the rider’s demands, guaranteeing a super smooth ride and more efficient performance. With the CT e-bike, riders can enjoy a seamless experience where the bike becomes one with their body.

In addition to its impressive performance, the CT e-bike also boasts a stylish and well-crafted design. The elegant seamless frame is built without any welding marks and has internal cabling, providing a minimalistic and striking appearance. Every detail of the bike is processed with exquisite craftsmanship, withstanding scrutiny and the test of time. The CT e-bike is truly a piece of art, combining style and function seamlessly.

Weighing in at only 18kg, the CT e-bike is lightweight and provides electrical assistance ranging up to 150km, making it the industry’s best mileage-to-weight ratio. Its powerful and compact 250W rear hub motor features a maximum torque of 40Nm, enabling 0-25km/h acceleration in just ~4 seconds. Despite its power, the motor is quiet and vibration-free, providing an enjoyable ride.

The CT e-bike also features a convenient removable and slender 360Wh battery, equipped with high-density and auto-grade lithium-ion cells. It charges fully in just 3.5 hours, with a quicker 2.5 hours option available. Weighing only 2.1kg, it’s effortless to remove and charge.

Built with high-grade components, from the self-designed seamless frame and high-pressure forged rigid fork to the outsourcing components from the world’s top suppliers, the CT e-bike ensures top quality and reliability for a decade of comfy riding. Its ergonomic riding position, electrical assistance, powerful acceleration, wide tires, and effective braking system design provide superior handling and adaptability to the rider’s body during the ride. With the CT e-bike, riders can enjoy a safe and free ride wherever they want.

As an added bonus, the CT e-bike features an intelligent stem-integrated display that provides riders with all essential information during their ride. As an optional function, riders can access comprehensive data on their cycling trips via the Comate app. The app also lets riders know the location and status of their CT e-bike, wherever they are.

Comate is excited to announce that the CT e-bike will launch on Indiegogo on April 18th, 2023. We invite everyone to support us and be a part of this revolutionary electric bike experience. With the CT e-bike, riders can enjoy a seamless and efficient ride that combines style and function seamlessly. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the future of electric biking with Comate.

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