YOFHO Prisma 3-in-1 Desktop Organizer Launched on Kickstarter

The ultimate 3-in-1 desktop organizer and space saver features a detachable wireless charging and connection hub

YOFHO Prisma was launched today on Kickstarter at <https://bit.ly/41gCEd3> as the world’s best desk space saver and hub because it is a device that promises to solve many problems that today’s professionals face every day.

Prisma offers users the possibility of keeping all their essentials in customizable built-in compartments with a flexible internal layout. From notebooks to pencils and even charging cables, the organizer has a special space for every element, which also helps to prevent everyday essentials from being covered by dust.

Its lean design makes Prisma the perfect storage organizer because it has a large capacity due to space optimization while taking up very limited desktop space. “Prisma represents the end of desktop chaos, with smart decluttering and convenience,” said the product designer of YOFHO.

Weighing only 1.5 kilos, Prisma is as lightweight as it is compact, making it easy to carry and use either at home or office settings. The organizer also features an embedded Qi-Certified wireless charging surface that supports 15W fast-charging that is suitable for most phone brands.

Its USB-C Hub, on the other hand, offers expanded connectivity possibilities because it allows users to connect a USB drive with an iMac, a desktop computer, or other device. “In fact, the hub even allows people to transfer files from an SD Card,” Mr. SU added. This hub also innovates by being seamlessly detachable, making it possible for the user to detach it and use it to enjoy the connectivity options that it offers wherever they are necessary.

Prisma is also highlighted as a device with a modern minimalist design that does not impose any style on its user: “It is neutral enough to adapt to any place, and it is definitely beautifully designed to add a special touch to wherever it is placed,” YOFHO’s representative said.

The YOFHO Prisma 3-in-1 Desk Organizer campaign on Kickstarter at <https://bit.ly/41gCEd3> is seeking to raise $5000 to fund the large-scale production of the device, which will be offered early and for a 30% off discount to the backers who support the campaign.


At YOFHO, we’re dedicated to helping you experience more of the world without sacrificing your productivity. We believe that every day should be filled with freedom and efficiency, so we use creative design to develop products that help you stay organized and untangled while making everyday tasks easier—and we think it shows in everything from the way our products look to the way they work.

For more information, please visit < https://bit.ly/41gCEd3 > or contact YOFHO Team at [email protected]

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