New Book “Dream It to Do It: The Science & the Magic” Offers Profound Insights into Humanity’s True Nature and Reality

New Book "Dream It to Do It: The Science & the Magic" Offers Profound Insights into Humanity's True Nature and Reality
Dr. Howard Eisenberg’s new book, “Dream It to Do It: The Science & the Magic,” reveals humanity’s truer nature and inner spiritual resources for both personal empowerment and healing our troubled world. Covering profound topics such as the nature of consciousness and the real scientific formula for Manifestation. This highly acclaimed book awakens readers to their power to transform reality!

Esteemed Medical Doctor, Consultant, and Author, Dr. Howard Eisenberg, has released his highly anticipated second book, “Dream It to Do It: The Science & the Magic.” The book has been honored with the prestigious Gold Literary Titan Book Award, recognizing its exceptional contribution to the literary world. Literary Titan praised it as “a compact, intelligently packed dosage of revolutionary information” that will “spark a substantial shift in your perception of yourself and the world around you.”

In “Dream It to Do It,” Dr. Eisenberg decodes ancient wisdom traditions and their connections to recent scientific findings to explore humanity’s truer nature and the inner spiritual resources often overlooked in today’s technology-dependent, materialistic world. The book covers an amazing range of mind-blowing topics, including the real relationship between the physical brain and our consciousness; our hidden connection to everything in this world; the true basis of all scientific discovery and inventions; and techniques for altering reality and Manifestations.

This groundbreaking book is set to challenge and inspire readers to rethink their perceptions of themselves and the world around them. As Literary Titan noted, “Dream It to Do It is exactly what our current world requires to shock us back to reality and free us from our zombie-like reliance on technology and consumerism.”

“Dream It to Do It” has been lauded for its straightforward and educational approach, making it accessible to both new and long-time fans of psychological literature. As readers progress through the pages, they will gain a deeper understanding of core human beliefs and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

“Dream It to Do It: The Science & the Magic” is now available for purchase on Kindle or in Print versions, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author:

Dr. Eisenberg, who holds a Master of Science in Psychology and a Medical Doctorate, has been a Lecturer at the University of Toronto and an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont. He is also the CEO of the international consultancy Syntrek® Inc. Dr. Eisenberg has been on a passionate lifelong quest to discover the true nature of reality. He was awarded the first postgraduate degree in Parapsychology in Canada at McGill University for his groundbreaking research on telepathy. He authored his first trailblazing book, “Inner Spaces: Parapsychological Explorations of the Mind” – almost half a century ago! And he then went on to pioneer the instruction of Parapsychology as a regular credit course at the University of Toronto.

About the Book

Have you ever found yourself pondering the enigma of your existence, questioning the very essence of ‘here’ and your role within the grand tapestry of the cosmos? Do you feel a growing sense of unease and despair as you witness the world descending into darkness? If your heart echoes with these inquiries, look no further – this transformative tome holds the answers you’ve been seeking. Penned by a distinguished physician and seasoned voyager of consciousness’s vast landscapes, this groundbreaking work weaves together spirituality and science to illuminate the Revelations our world so desperately needs.

Embark on a thrilling odyssey to unravel the mysteries of our existence with this accessible guide to the hidden mechanics of reality:

  • Harness the ultimate power: unveiled inner knowledge
  • Resist the malevolent forces driving a wedge between all of us and Nature
  • Experience the enigmatic realm that lies beyond our world of appearances
  • Awaken your latent magical powers
  • Master the art of reshaping reality to manifest a brighter, more fulfilling existence for all 

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