Top entrepreneur and influencer Rob Faf makes global headway with entertaining, informative car wash TikTok content

The costs involved in starting a car wash business depend on the level entrepreneurs plan to operate. Exposed to the car wash business since he was a kid, Rob now features tons of car wash videos that have, in total, made his TikTok page one of the most watched channels online.

They say as long as vehicles travel the streets, car washes will always be needed. Top entrepreneur Rob Faf, who has more than 300,000 organic followers on TikTok, takes it a step further by offering informative and entertaining car wash video content on social media. 

Rob’s car wash and business content on leading video-sharing app TikTok has earned a whopping 10.5 million views as of March 2023, making it one of the most watched car wash content on social media. 

For many budding entrepreneurs looking to invest in a lucrative opportunity, a car wash business can be just the ticket. They can find out hundreds of video content on Rob Faf’s TikTok page, ranging from how to make a car wash profit to putting up with self-service car maintenance. 

One of Rob’s most-watched videos garnered about 5 million views and impressions on TikTok. The content, which featured how much Rob’s company pays for a month of utilities at a car wash, has drawn conversations from budding car wash entrepreneurs and small business owners globally. Seth, one of the followers, had this to say in the comment section: “The more the utility bills, the more income and profit.” 

Water and electricity account for one of the most significant expenses for car wash businesses. Water particularly depends on the type of car wash entrepreneurs are operating. 

“For those planning to open a car wash, they need to know how they can turn their earnings into profits. In short, they must know how much revenue they must yield to get break-even and make profits,” explains Rob. On a daily basis, Rob gets dozens of messages from followers looking to start their own car wash businesses, which can be very profitable and lucrative if run correctly. Jailene J., one fan, said she wants to open a carwash but doesn’t know where to start. “It’s been one of my goals. I’ve been struggling financially,” she says. 

A self-service car wash, for instance, is where the car owners drive into their carwash and prefer to clean the vehicle rather than their staff. On the other hand, the average cost for an automated car wash service is commonly lower compared to the average price of full-service, manual hand, and touchless car wash types.

However, the actual annual turnover and entrepreneurs’ annual take-home salary will hugely depend on the type of car wash equipment they have, the scale of their operations, and the amount they charge each wash, according to Rob. 

Rob has been interested in car washing since he was a kid. Growing up watching tons and tons of car wash videos, he sought to create a TikTok channel to help business owners and entrepreneurs looking to dip their hands in the lucrative and profitable business while also featuring innovative car wash equipment and systems. 

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to learn more about Rob Faf and his impressive car wash business may visit his TikTok site at

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