Developing Psychological Resilience in the Workplace: New Face-to-Face Services Available in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area.

ATLANTA, GA – Resilience and Psychological Fitness Center, LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of their new face-to-face Workplace Wellness programs. The new services will offer organizations support in building their employees’ psychological resilience and increasing their productivity. The center believes that in today’s fast-paced and complex world, a psychologically healthy workplace is paramount to improving the social climate and engagement of employees, and the owner, Dr. Melissa N. Green is poised to make this her primary objective.

Dr. Green is a Licensed Psychologist and Registered Yoga Teacher with 25 years of experience in the mental health field, specializing in workplace wellness.  Her innovative approach has helped organizations boost the morale of their employees and increase their bottom lines by working with groups and individuals to teach them effective strategies to help them streamline their stress in the workplace.

The center’s new workplace wellness programs aim to promote emotional wellness in the workplace, by helping individuals learn how to manage their stress in a healthy way so that it does not interfere with their ability to succeed at work.  Clients can now benefit from personalized wellness trainings, where Dr. Green will work with organizations to help them identify barriers and implement effective programming that will allow their employees to easily overcome their emotional stressors and develop the skills they need to manage future challenges successfully in the workplace.

In line with their mission to promote psychological wellness, Resilience and Psychological Fitness Center has partnered with corporate organizations to provide employees with the necessary skills to manage work-related stress and improve emotional intelligence. The center’s corporate wellness program offers workshops for organizations interested in championing employees’ mental wellness and productivity.

Dr. Green commented on the new developments: “At Resilience and Psychological Fitness Center, our primary mission is to help individuals avoid mental burnout on the job and achieve work-life balance. Our new services are designed to provide personalized attention for our clients during their experience with us and support them in developing a healthier and happier workplace.”

The center’s services are also available to businesses throughout the US and internationally. If your organization is looking to build a work culture that supports their employees in a way that will make your company thrive, you can reach out to Dr. Green through the center’s website to get started.

Resilience and Psychological Fitness Center is committed to transforming the way organizations deal with stress and burnout in the workplace. With the launch of their newest services, your company now has access to professional, and personalized emotional wellness programming that is tailored to the needs of your company. To learn more about their services, visit their website at

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