Technoblade Store is helping keep the memory of the famous Youtuber alive with trendy merchandise

The official merchandise stores pay homage to the life of one of the top Minecraft players who ever lived.

Fans of late youtuber Alexander known online as Technoblade are constantly searching for products online to pay homage to the late star, who sadly passed away in 2022. The American YouTuber made a name for himself with live streams, Minecraft videos, and because of his involvement in the Dream SMP. Starting his journey on YouTube in 2013, he went on to make millions of fans because of his high-quality content that focused on Minecraft gameplay, particularly about the minigame server Hypixel.

Talking to the media, a representative for the store said, “Technoblade’s passing was a heartbreaking moment for all fans of his content. We were all shocked when we learned about the cancer diagnosis. The farewell message, written just a few hours before his death by the always optimistic star was read by his father to convey his message to his beloved subscribers. He touched so many lives and with the store, we plan to carry on the legacy forward.”

The video went viral and Technoblade’s channel saw more than 1 million more subscribers within 24 hours. Since then, fans from across the globe have been constantly searching for items that help keep the youtuber alive in their memories. The licensed items ensure his family gets the hard work of his labour just like he wanted. The store has a large selection of formally licensed merchandise including Technoblade T-Shirts, mugs, keychains, Technoblade Hoodies as well as collectibles like espresso mugs and posters that have been designed by a world-class team.

The spokesperson went on to add, “After Technoblade got invited to the Dream SMP Minecraft server in 2020, this exponentially boosted his fan base. He’s regarded as one of the top-of-the-line Minecraft gamers to have ever existed. Counterfeit brands started exploiting the situation and supplying substandard merchandise. Our store rectifies this problem and provides all kinds of merchandise so die-hard fans can add to their collection.”

The website has an easy-to-use interface with people able to shop for their favorite items by category. Moreover, to encourage people to improve their wardrobe, they offer a 15% discount on orders over $100. They have an excellent support system in place and ship to over 200 countries.

Fans of the late 23-year-old Youtuber can visit the website today to learn more and find out about the latest Technoblade Merch.

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