GoGreen of North Carolina Launches as a Pay-in Platform Ride-Sharing Company in Charlotte, Offers New Micro-Business Opportunity for Drivers

The newly launched company is set to disrupt the ridesharing market in the Carolinas by offering drivers a platform where they can operate their business with absolute control over their time and income. (The disclosed purchase price of 6.8 million plus stock options)

GoGreen of North Carolina, (NovaTek Group Ltd) a unique rideshare company under the TNC Transport Network Company will be launched in June 2023. The company will be launched as a “Pay-in Platform” where drivers pay a flat fee per day and gain access to GoGreen’s technical platform that allows passengers to locate them depending on their availability and proximity. By adopting this model, GoGreen of North Carolina is offering drivers a chance to operate a micro-business, leveraging the company’s platform and controlling their business operations independently.

For years, the ride-sharing market has been monopolized by a few major players, forcing drivers to operate under strict organizational regulations. According to saasscout.com, Uber employs over 22,000 people and operates out of 72 office locations. Their administrative overhead is a factor, GoGreen believes drivers should not have to deal with. The company’s management believes that the rideshare drivers are the backbone of the industry, and they should make the lion’s share of the revenues.

GoGreen of North Carolina offers a refreshing alternative that prioritizes the needs of drivers and provides them with a fair and equitable platform. With GoGreen, drivers own their businesses and call the shots the way they want. Service operations will begin from Charlotte, NC before expanding to other cities and then South Carolina.


“We have rapid expansion plans via strategic venture capital investments and limited partnerships,” explained John Alvarez, Founder and CEO of GoGreen Technology. “We believe that rideshare drivers are the backbone of the industry and should make the lion’s share of the revenues since it’s their car, gas, maintenance, wear and tear on their vehicle, and their time. We provide a top-level rideshare technology platform for our drivers and riders; operating a highly efficient and streamlined business model.”

GoGreen of North Carolina platform is designed to be user-friendly, with features that make it easy for drivers to operate their businesses. Drivers can set their prices, choose their customers, and work when they want. The platform also offers in-app payment processing and 24/7 customer support.

In the future, GoGreen of North Carolina plans to expand its services to other cities in the Carolinas and continue to improve its platform to provide an even better experience for drivers and customers alike. For more information, please visit www.gogreenmobilebusiness.com.

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