Must read children’s books in 2023: My Best Friend the Unicorn and Aryanna the Kitten by author Robert Phillips

Author Robert Phillips recently released three children’s books to mark the start of his journey as a children’s book author. After experiencing firsthand the enjoyment that his children, Aryanna and Stacey, got in the past seventeen years when telling them stories he made up off the top of his head while sitting at his daughter’s bedside, Phillips was inspired to write these stories down and share these stories with the world. Not only does he want other parents to experience the same joy of storytelling to their kids, he wants to help create that experience by writing the stories for parents to share.

Book cover of My Best Friend the Unicorn

In My Best Friend the Unicorn, part of the Stacey and the Majestic Unicorn: Tales of Friendship and Adventure series, Stacey came across a beautiful unicorn as she was exploring a forest. However, the unicorn does not trust her immediately as it had previously been hurt by humans. Join Stacey on her adventures as she goes around the forest saving other animals, in an attempt to prove that she truly has a kind heart. Phillips’ use of the unicorn is meant to symbolize his daughter’s distrust for people after getting hurt by previous father figures in her life. He hopes that through this story, he is able to spread the message that while not everyone is good, not everyone is bad either.

Book cover of Aryanna the Kitten

In Aryanna the Kitten, Aryanna is a kitten who goes in search for her long lost sister in a bustling city. Once reunited, they go on a series of adventures saving animals together displaying bravery and courage. Aryanna the Kitten was written with the author’s daughter in mind, as she always wanted to have a sister. The kitten’s search for her long lost sister is a metaphor for Phillips’ daughter’s desire for a sister. Along the way, the kitten’s setbacks and, ultimately, courage and bravery are lessons for all children worldwide.

Both of these series are already out on Amazon, with two books already out for the Stacey and the Majestic Unicorn: Tales of Friendship and Adventure series. Interested readers can visit the book series pages on Amazon by clicking on their respective links: Stacey and the Majestic Unicorn series and Adventures of Aryanna the Kitten series.

Before Robert Phillips began publishing children’s books, he had a successful career in Technical Writing, Cyber Security and Software Engineering. Despite having his achievements written about by numerous publications, he still wanted to contribute more to the world by sharing his talent for writing a book in the artistic field rather than a technical one. When Phillips was young, he wrote poems which were the foundation for what he subsequently turned into bedtime stories for his children later on in life. The gleam in his children’s eyes as he told them stories is what continues to drive him and he wants other parents to be able to experience the same through bedtime stories written by him.

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