Vegan K-Beauty Brand Launches First Ampoule Product

Vegreen, a vegan Korean skincare brand that focuses on the power of nature, is excited to announce the launch of its newest product: an Intensive Vitamin C 20% Ampoule.

This highly anticipated launch is Vegreen’s first ampoule product, expanding the cruelty-free and natural skincare collection to offer a toner, serum, cream and now targeted treatment.

Vegreen’s new vitamin C ampoule is unlike other choices on the market due to its ampoule nature. Ampoules are designed to deliver small, targeted doses of a product in a highly-concentrated, waterless formula. This means a more stable formulation with a higher potency—and a long list of noticeable benefits.

This water-free ampoule contains three highly effective, hero ingredients:

1. Pure ascorbic acid (14%) — Originated in the United Kingdom, this version of vitamin C is a microfine particle which penetrates deep into the skin’s epidermis. It naturally supplies antioxidants, stimulates collagen production, and provides anti-aging and brightening benefits.

2. Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether (6%) — This gentle vitamin C derivative is very stable and both water and oil soluble. It works in conjunction with the pure ascorbic acid to better absorb into the skin as it metabolizes into pure L-ascorbic acid to over 80%.

3. Alpha-Bisabolol — This natural, antioxidant-rich skin conditioning agent is found in chamomile. It’s known to help heal damaged skin, reduce irritation with soothing anti-inflammatory properties, and help restore suppleness to a dehydrated skin barrier. These healing properties enhance ingredient penetration and product efficacy overall.

Vegreen first won over K-beauty and international beauty lovers for its innovative phyto-mucin, or vegan snail mucin alternative, featured in much of its skincare collection. The new Vitamin C ampoule compliments Vegreen’s entire lineup, but is ideal to use with the Cica Serum as it boosts collagen production three-fold.

On a mission to educate and inspire others to look at nature, Vegreen’s newest product launch is one more example of how powerful nature truly is and how bright our future is ahead.


Founded in 2020, Vegreen is a skincare brand from Korea with veganism and sustainability at its core. Its fully vegan and cruelty-free products come from the brand’s unique ethos: From Nature, Naturally, To Nature. Vegreen proves that vegan skincare is effective and ideal for all skin types with its one-of-kind vegan alternative to snail mucin, a K-beauty staple, and other beneficial ingredients. For more information about Vegreen, visit our website


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