TOZO Announces High-res X-line to Make Hi-Fi Level Audio Close to Everyone

TOZO, a trusted brand in true wireless, developed extremely professional audio and applied advanced technology to the high-res truesonic for HI-FI die-hard fans, coming with the high-end product line – X series.

Developed by TOZO audio R&D with years of technical advantages and research achievements, TOZO’s Hi-Fi Level X-line true wireless offering the sound unit of ideal large bass / mid-range dynamic speaker and a balanced armature driver, its high sensitivity and high resolution to precisely more sound details and present cinema level sound effects. The tweeter is equipped with a customized multi-way armature unit by Knowles Electronics, the leading global manufacturer of moving coil speakers and receivers for cell phones and other consumer electronics, which was founded in 1946.

TOZO has in-depth cooperation with SONY for the joint development of headphone decoding software in the X-series. By the audiophile-level LDAC HD audio-decoding technology authorized by SONY, LDAC can transmit high-resolution audio via Bluetooth at a speed of up to 990kbps, a bit rate about three times higher than ordinary Bluetooth audio signals. Compared to the traditional Bluetooth SBC coding technology, LDAC coding technology can achieve a higher decoding rate, significantly reduce the size of the audio file, improve the transmission speed, preserve more details in music files, and present a live orchestral performance sound.

TOZO is a brand that only provides products that meet international criteria while demonstrating its high-quality customer service and maintaining an integrated, cost-effective, and sustainable product that everyone can appreciate. The motivation for starting TOZO is that although the Bluetooth headset was a great creation to release everyone from bulky audio equipment, the first true wireless Bluetooth headset introduced was made by a variety of brands; but all shared the fact that due to the technology’s immaturity at the time the price wasn’t in reach for everyone.

Hi-Fi audio always gives an image of being pricey and can’t always get tried before purchasing. Since the price is directly tied to the cost of production and marketing to achieve the full-fledged high-end, customers find it difficult to expect a lower price. This time, the high-res X-line true wireless at a friendly entry price by TOZO not only shows welcome to all Hi-Fi aficionados, but also continues the impressive reputation of the brand over the years.

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