DSP platform by ClickAdilla – advertising has never been easier

DSP platform by ClickAdilla - advertising has never been easier
ClickAdilla’s self-serve demand-side platform to buy traffic directly without any margin.
DSP ad platform or Traffic DSP is a new ClickAdilla feature allowing users to buy traffic directly from any supply-side platform without paying the margin. Now advertisers can run their campaigns on several different traffic sources from one single interface. The price for the traffic is much lower than a usual campaign has.

What means Traffic DSP?

DSP platforms became popular among advertisers due to the convenience of working with them and low traffic prices. Traffic DSP is a service developed by ClickAdilla where customers can purchase traffic from third-party suppliers automatically using one interface. It is a demand-side platform DSP for programmatic media buying working on a real-time bidding base. This service is made for advertisers, affiliate marketers, agencies, and business owners. ClickAdilla’s DSP advertising platform is made to ease running campaigns on several traffic sources.

When starting work with Traffic DSP make sure you created advertising accounts and replenished your balance on the third-party suppliers where you would like to buy traffic. Advertising budgets on third-party sources are fully managed by the user.

Benefits of media buying via Traffic DSP

  • Optimize your time when managing several campaigns on our DSP marketing platform;
  • Advertise efficiently with direct traffic buying – there is no overpaying for the agencies’ margin;
  • Control and operate your ad campaigns’ process & statistics using one personal cabinet in ClickAdilla;
  • Get extra traffic filtration for the side sources with the help of ClickAdilla’s advanced DSP filter instruments;
  • Pick any side traffic supplier that has RTB or XML media buying and integrate it as a third-party SSP into ClickAdilla. 
  • Get a personal manager consultation any time you need.

! Remember: You are only charged a fixed price for the service, you do not pay for the traffic by purchasing Traffic DSP. 

To get more information about Traffic DSP and connecting third-party traffic suppliers inside your ClickAdilla’s personal interface, please contact support: [email protected] 

Run your advertising campaigns wisely with ClickAdilla!

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