From Saudi Arabia To The World: Supercharged Is Changing The Game Of Tech News

Notable 22-year-old Saudi entrepreneur looks to redefine tech news out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The landscape of the tech news community is being reshaped by the first platform born out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Enter Supercharged, the first Saudi-based platform that covers the latest technology and innovation, looking to empower the next generation of writers and content creators worldwide.  

Founded by globally recognized 22-year-old Saudi technology reporter Sami Fathi, 

Supercharged aims to challenge the status quo and offer a new kind of tech news experience born out of the Arab world. “For far too long, the tech news space has been dominated by predominately Western-based news platforms. It’s time for a new voice to showcase Arab and Saudi talent while delivering a unique, innovative, and ethically driven experience,” Fathi said.  

“With a team from the United States, Mexico, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia, Supercharged has one of the most diverse newsroom staff in the industry,” Fathi said. “Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths.”  

Integrity and a keen sense for the audience are paramount at Supercharged. “At our core, we prioritize reliable tech news, impartial reviews, and a commitment to fostering a vibrant and interconnected community. We are passionate about delivering trustworthy tech news coverage without compromising our readers’ trust or experience,” said Editor-in-Chief Óscar Gutiérrez.  

With countless places to get tech news, readers will find that Supercharged’s approach to creating an engaging and personalized news experience through interconnectivity and a vibrant community of like-minded people will quickly make it the premier source for all things Apple and tech.  

Readers are ultimately eager for a new experience that fuels their passions and interests rather than being presented with pre-selected topics and stories. Supercharged prioritizes reader convenience through website design, newsroom philosophy, and core values, putting news front and center while avoiding intrusive distractions.  

The Supercharged website gives readers a new experience in a sleek and gorgeous design with powerful features like real-time news, personalization, easy navigation, and respect for convenience throughout. The website aims to provide an alternative to a tech news industry that has prioritized ads, profits, and tracking over readers for too long.  

“It’s humbling to have the opportunity to represent the Kingdom to readers on a global scale, united under our passion for technology, its impact on our lives, and the eagerness to stay one step ahead of the curve,” said Fathi. “We look forward to expanding our work to more corners of the world through localized content in Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, and many more, in the coming months and years.” More information about Supercharged and the latest news in the world of tech is available on the platform’s official website.  

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