YEREQ Geo Energy Launches Groundbreaking Renewable Energy Solutions Worldwide

Innovative Solutions for EV Charging, Solar Energy, and Green Hydrogen to Accelerate the Global Transition to Sustainable Power

YEREQ Geo Energy LLC, a leading US-based renewable energy company, announces its plans to expand the availability of sustainable power solutions around the world. This initiative aims to accelerate the global transition to green energy and promote a sustainable future. 

“Our mission is to bring reliable and clean energy to communities across the globe,” said Cynthia King, spokesperson for YEREQ Geo Energy. “We are committed to making a tangible difference in the fight against climate change by empowering people everywhere to access affordable and renewable power.” 

YEREQ Geo Energy, known for its innovative renewable energy technologies, has been a pioneer in harnessing the power of geothermal, solar, and wind resources. With an extensive portfolio of successful projects in the United States, the company is now set to extend its reach to international markets, ensuring that more communities can benefit from their cutting-edge solutions.

YEREQ Geo Energy’s comprehensive service offerings include:

  • EV Network Solutions: As the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging grows, YEREQ is committed to providing commercial charging solutions that cater to various customer needs. Their services allow businesses to evolve with the changing landscape and attract a broader clientele.
  • Solar Energy Solutions: YEREQ Solar is dedicated to making solar energy affordable and accessible to everyone, with zero upfront costs for qualifying consumers. Homeowners can transform their homes into tiny power stations, reducing electricity bills and contributing to their state’s renewable energy goals.
  • Green Hydrogen: YEREQ’s green hydrogen initiative focuses on unlocking hydrogen’s potential as a clean energy solution. The company is working on building a green hydrogen R&D supply facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, in partnership with ReelCause, with the goal of creating a hydrogen refuel plant for the western USA.
  • YEREQ Energy Saver: A revolutionary product designed to save up to 30% a month on electric bills by providing stable power, reducing electricity waste, and improving power factors. This energy-saving solution also helps create a better working environment and increases productivity.
  • Monetizing Solar and Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits: YEREQ’s mission includes helping solar owners, electric fleet vehicle owners, and hosted EV charger owners optimize their return on investment by monetizing environmental credits produced by their renewable energy assets.

The company’s expansion plan includes collaborating with governments, businesses, and local communities to identify regions with the highest potential for renewable energy development. By building strong partnerships, YEREQ Geo Energy aims to create sustainable energy infrastructure that is tailored to the unique needs of each location.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, YEREQ Geo Energy’s solutions are designed to drive economic growth and job creation in communities where they operate. Their projects also help to stabilize electricity costs and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, fostering long-term energy independence.

YEREQ Geo Energy’s global initiative marks a significant milestone in the fight against climate change and the pursuit of a cleaner, greener future. As the company continues to expand its operations, it will undoubtedly make a lasting positive impact on the environment, local economies, and communities worldwide. To learn more about YEREQ Geo Energy’s projects and vision, visit

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