Email Meter is helping teams work smarter with email analytics for businesses running on Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Email Meter delivers powerful email analytics in an all-in-one easy-to-use platform.

Email Meter is revolutionizing how businesses view email communication by providing a comprehensive email analytics platform that allows companies to draw valuable insights from their emails. This makes it easier to streamline email communications and work smarter. Email Meter’s cutting-edge technology helps increase Google and Microsoft 365 inbox efficiency.

Most businesses exist in an email blind spot. They could do more to increase their email efficiency but they might not know it yet. Email is an essential communication tool for businesses; sales teams need to monitor emails to observe KPIs, support teams need it to maintain SLAs and management teams to see vendor response rate. Email analytics are a sure way to track all this and optimize email performance. By continuously innovating, Email Meter holds the top spot for email analytics as businesses seek to optimize their operations and customer service.

Now, with email analytics for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, Email Meter is kicking things up a notch!

Email analytics help teams make data-driven decisions and measure the result of new initiatives within the business. “Get valuable insights from your team’s email activity in minutes.”

The premier email analytics platform aims to help businesses understand their inboxes to make necessary changes and upgrades. The platform offers email reports that can be scheduled daily, weekly, or whenever a client needs them. In addition to analytics, Email Meter offers email analytics export to CSV for further analysis and integrations with email platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Every feature of Email Meter is designed to meet and streamline email communications for businesses leading to improved productivity.

As with most tech platforms, privacy and security are significant concerns. Email Meter’s platform features enterprise-grade security features to ensure it is a platform that clients can trust to analyze their email activity. The email analytics provider regularly audits its security systems and has attained all necessary security certifications.

Through flexibility and expertise, Email Meter takes on any business challenge and applies its hands-on, personalized approach to fulfill client needs. “That’s why our in-house team is always ready to hear what you need and work on a solution tailor-made for your needs.”

Visit Email Meter to learn more and experience the power of a custom-made email analytics solution. The platform is suited to solve a range of issues, from understanding and managing email volume to centralizing team communications, quantifying email performance, and monitoring current email practices with Email Statistics Mastery Assessment.

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