Plexins Announced Exciting New Features Coming to Its Pop-Up Function

Plexins announced exciting new features coming to its pop-up function!

1. the editor has added an “Add a URL” button.

2. the editor has added the ability to adjust the transparency of the background color.

The pop-up editor now allows users to adjust the opacity of the background color, giving them greater control over the appearance. To create irregular, artistic pop-ups that blend seamlessly with users’ stores, users can reduce the opacity of the background.

3. the editor has added a “Subscription Agreement” toggle switch.

By default, this option is turned off.In the pop-up, a checkbox will appear when turned on.When a customer clicks the submit button, the system checks whether the checkbox has been selected.In this case, the form cannot be submitted, and the annotation text will be highlighted.The customer will be marked as having voluntarily confirmed their subscription agreement if the checkbox is selected, and if the form is submitted normally, the customer will be marked as having voluntarily subscribed (email and SMS are valid).

Plexins hope this new feature will make users’ pop-ups more visually appealing and comfortable, ultimately improving users’ website’s user retention.If users set a URL in the pop-up, a user will be directed to the corresponding URL address when they click on the link.

With more eye-catching designs and the ability to adjust transparency, Plexins is making it easier for Shopify brands to drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

“Our goal is to help Shopify brands reach their full potential,” said the Founder and CEO of Plexins. “These new features make it easier for brands to create beautiful pop-ups that capture attention and convert visitors into customers.”

Plexins is the free SMS & email marketing platform built for Shopify brands. All features are free, including the lowest SMS & email price, global SMS sending, and service in 210+ countries. For more information about Plexins and its new features in Pop-up, visit

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