Revolutionizing Education: Edvantaged Scholars introduces AI-powered web apps SOCHO and Differentiator for learners and educators

Edvantaged Scholars doubles down on its commitment to accessible and affordable Edtech solutions for learners and educators.

Online learning platforms have become popular among students and teachers. Edvantaged Scholars, a leading provider of revolutionary Ed-tech solutions, is revolutionizing how students learn, and teachers teach through its innovative AI-powered web apps. SOCHO and Differentiator introduce a new era of empowered learning and teaching that is accessible and affordable.

Since its launch in 2021, Edvantaged Scholars has grown into a recognized Ed-tech solutions provider for its ability to provide personalized learning and teaching experiences. The platform offers innovative, accessible, affordable educational solutions to enhance learning and productivity. Edvantaged Scholars recognizes the need for tailored AI-learning software that caters to the unique needs of learners and educators. A one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective since students learn at different paces, and teachers use various techniques to teach the same concepts. Personalizing its educational solutions has had a significant impact on its users.

Standing firmly on its pillars of accessibility, affordability, innovation, responsive academic design, and impact, Edvantaged Scholars introduces its new AI-learning tools, SOCHO and Differentiator.

What is SOCHO?

SOCHO helps students maximize their learning potential. The innovative web app provides students with personalized study materials and easily simplifies complex concepts. The software is designed to meet students at their level, enabling them to elevate their learning experience.

Learners can access the free version of SOCHO, which offers basic features, or the paid version of the Ed-tech web app, which offers extra features. SOCHO provides

–  Grammar check to improve writing
–  Ability to paraphrase and summarize text
–  Personalized study materials
–  Q&A to help students find answers to questions
–  Instant automated feedback

What is Differentiator?

Differentiator is a revolutionary web app designed for educators. The tool enables teachers to create and modify lessons and champions the power of differentiation, encouraging teachers to develop unique lesson plans that cater to the needs of each learner. Differentiator saves time and maximizes outcomes, allowing educators to deliver engaging and effective classroom experiences.

The educator tool Differentiator is available for educators on a free or paid plan, each offering access to various features of the AI-powered Ed-tech tool. On Differentiator, teachers can:

–  Improve clarity and catch mistakes with the Grammar Check
–  Paraphrase text to cater to diverse learners
–  Summarize text to highlight the key takeaways
–  Differentiate lessons based on student needs
–  Offer responsive materials to support students in their learning
–  Create parent letters to communicate with parents and guardians effectively.

Edvantaged Scholars vows to continue refining its approaches to teaching and learning by working hand in hand with educators and learners. With the introduction of Differentiator and SOCHO, the Ed-tech startup strives to meet the ever-changing needs of learners and educators. 

“We continually strive to nurture a global community of lifelong learners, unlocking their full potential and inspiring them to reach new heights in their educational journey.”

Edvantaged Scholars allows learners and teachers to maximize their time and efforts by providing a multi-layered approach to education. SOCHO and Differentiator feature an easy-to-use interface that offers flexible and intuitive learning and teaching experiences. 

Learn more about Differentiator and SOCHO by visiting Edvantaged Scholars.

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