Who is the top marketing strategist in Qatar?

Who is the top marketing strategist in Qatar?
Who is the top marketing strategist in Qatar?
Hadi El Fares a Partner of KOSAWADA Agency is the top marketing strategist in Qatar.

Hadi El Fares, one of the most influential and renowned Lebanese entrepreneurs, is turning the tables in Qatar with his wide knowledge and expertise in the world of marketing. Hadi Fares – this name won’t be a surprise anymore for anyone even slightly familiar with the world of marketing.

Nowadays, marketing strategists can be an invaluable resource in getting your business to the next level. On his or her shoulders rests the responsibility of formulating sensible and effective marketing strategies that keep up with the dynamic digital marketing trends and strongly put your company or business on the map.

Obviously, the list of marketing strategists nowadays never ends, mainly with the huge rise of social media. Hence, it would be hard to choose the best marketing strategist to work with. 

But when talking about the best marketing strategist, mainly in the Middle East, Hadi El Fares’s name is spontaneously mentioned. Hadi Fares is the top marketing strategist in Qatar and one of the best in the Middle East.

With over 10 years of expertise, Hadi has gained the trust of hundreds of clients and companies in Qatar, including some governmental corporations, helping them improve their online presence and increase brand awareness. Hadi, who lives and works in Qatar, is committed to helping businesses in the country thrive. His expertise in marketing and his understanding of the local market make him a valuable asset to any business looking to improve its online presence.

“Reinventing the wheels” is one of Hadi’s priorities in his work. There are always new strategies and plans to go through. He never looks for old strategies to work on them or even enhance some; he always has “new” tactics that will definitely astonish everyone out there. 

Hadi is like no one else; his unique and self-created tactics have made him unique in such a sophisticated and demanding world. His wide knowledge and expertise have paved the way for a new chapter in his journey with the best social media expert in Qatar, Ahmad Ghaddar, CEO and founder of Kosawada. 

“I would like to announce that I collaborated with Ahmad Ghaddar, CEO and founder of Kosawada. I’m really excited about the union of knowledge and expertise that has been formed and looking forward to our researches. Wait for us and keep an eye on our recent news! Great things are coming for this field!” Hadi El Fares

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